Mind Exercises by Sagar | Rainy Good Night Poem

Rainy Good Night Poem.


Date added: Tue, 23-Jun-2015

An impromptu fun Good Night Poem on a Rainy Day - made as part of my 30 Days Fun Spiritual Workshop being conducted by me.

Warm in my blanket,
Tea in my hand,
I take a look at myself,
Where do I stand?

Looking at my inside,
Happy and Content,
I wonder how all my,
Past years went?

This is not how I was,
Not at all this sane,
Sometimes when I look back,
Most of it was in vain...

Drops of water all around,
With that wonderful smell,
I just have to sit at my window,
and say, All Is Well.

No competing, no comparing,
Being just only fair,
Focusing just on myself,
That's all what I care.

Abundance of water water,
Water here and there,
Makes me want to go to school,
And buy a teddy bear.

As I sit here on my bed,
Wonderful and cozy,
Feeling grateful, feeling safe,
With a mush-mush nosy.

Thank you one, and thank you all,
For your Rainy Talk,
Now let's all just go to sleep,
and take a dreamy walk...