Mind Exercises by Sagar | Guided Wellness Meditation

.Guided Wellness Meditation by Sagar


This is a special and a specific Guided Wellness Meditation Commentary of Thoughts for those who have been studying, practicing, and applying the Principles of the Law of Attraction to their lives.

Everyone can benefit from this general meditation commentary, but those who have read my "Awakening Story" (the Awakening section on my website) can specifically find it highly beneficial..


Find a quiet place, and sit comfortably, with your back relaxed. Relax all your muscules. Be in a very relaxed, natural state. Ensure that your shoulders and your jaws are not held up. Just relax them as well. Just release and relax the muscles in your entire body. From your toes, your legs, your thighs, your stomach, lower back, center part of your back, upper back, shoulders, elbows, hands, palms, fingers, neck, jaws, face. Let everything be in a very natural and relaxed position. Neither hold any muscle tight, nor let it too loose. Be natural.

Once you get into a comfortable position, take one deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and release it through your mouth. Do this twice more. Pause the video, if necessary. Now, breathe in a very natural state. Be very normal and natural about this. You may keep your eyes closed or open.

By now, you must be fully relaxed.

Just tell yourself that for the next few minutes, you're going to focus on the words you listen to. Relate yourself to them -

I am a wonderful being. I am energy, in this physical body. I am a powerful creator of my life. I am a precise creator of my life. I realize that every single thing that occurs in and around my life is my creation. I trust in the law of attraction. I have faith in the accuracy of this Universe. I know that everything is always beneficial to me. I understand that every single creation around me enhances and benefits me in one way or another. I realize that there is an eternal, unstoppable, constantly overflowing stream of well-being, which is natural, default, and definitely present for me. When I relax, and not over-think, when I simply be myself, when I quieten my mind, when I turn my attention towards everything around me that makes me feel wonderful, when I just enjoy my life for all that it offers to me, that stream is poured onto me much more easily. This is how my desires manifest in terms of opportunities and inspired actions. That is when the results are fully in my favor.

I am enjoying my life now, right now. This moment, this scene, this event, this circumstance, this time of the day, this day, this date, whatever it is right now, I am enjoying it. I realize the value and importance of enjoying every moment. I realize how I make choices. I understand that every single thought is my choice, therefore, everything that I see around is essentially my choice. I believe in the Universe. Well-being and abundance is natural to me. Whatever is happening in my life now is leading me to where I want to be. Every single day in my life is a stepping stone towards better clarity, focus, and ultimate and accurate manifestation of my desire. Everything is taking me towards what I want. Everything in my life is always working in my favor. What I want is constantly coming to me. I just need to hold the vision, and trust the process.

My every positive thought positively affects my body, my health, my well-being, and my wealth, and I enjoy this process. This automatically motivates me to keep my eyes open to the good things in my life.

I am now a better version of myself. I have improved over a period of time. I have evolved, and I trust in my evolution. I trust that whatever the Universe offers me is beneficial and positive for me. I trust that it will always enhances and betters me. I know that there is great value in me staying happy, positive, and open-minded. I understand that I have more good things in my life to look for. I understand that fears, worries, or doubts are only in the mind. They are non-existent outside, but it's me who creates them. Therefore, I take care of staying as positive as I can. I do not need to be 100% positive 24 hours a day, but I can at least try to be chilled out for consistent periods of time, knowing that there's great benefit in it for me. I can at least become slightly better each moment, and although I realize that there is no ultimate stage of perfection for me to reach or aim, I can be and stay positive on a moment to moment basis. I can be better than the last hour. I can constantly improve. I can constantly grow, because there is huge benefit in this for me.

This Universe and my life is doing everything possible to keep me happy, because the Universe is fully aware of 100% of my Vibrations and Energy, and when I realize that more good things are happening with me with each passing day, I feel motivated to work on myself and convert my weaknesses into strengths. This also shows to me that well-being is dominant and in abundance within my energy and vibrations.

The Universe is on my side. I am on my side. I am enjoying staying more and more positive as often as possible, and being an allower and receptor to more and more positivity in my life, which is gradually taking me to the accomplishments of my dreams, small and big.