Mind Exercises by Sagar | Guided Love Meditation

.Guided Love Meditation by Sagar


Date Added: Fri, 13-Nov-2015, 4:00 pm

This is a Guided Meditation to generate Love from within you. This was first practiced during the 5th Batch of my 30 Days Fun Spiritual Workshop

Everyone can benefit from this general meditation commentary, but those who have the knowledge of the Law of Attraction can specifically find it highly beneficial..


Find a quiet place, and sit comfortably, with your back relaxed. Relax all your muscules. Be in a very relaxed, natural state. Ensure that your shoulders and your jaws are not held up. Just relax them as well. Just release and relax the muscles in your entire body. From your toes, your legs, your thighs, your stomach, lower back, center part of your back, upper back, shoulders, elbows, hands, palms, fingers, neck, jaws, face. Let everything be in a very natural and relaxed position. Neither hold any muscle tight, nor let it too loose. Be natural.

Once you get into a comfortable position, take one deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and release it through your mouth. Do this twice more. Pause the video, if necessary. Now, breathe in a very natural state. Be very normal and natural about this. You may keep your eyes closed or open.

By now, you must be fully relaxed.

Just tell yourself that for the next few minutes, you're going to focus on the words you listen to. Relate yourself to them -

I am a loving being. I am a very loving person. There are many elements in this world, which I love and appreciate. Love is all around me. When I look at things to love, when I focus my attention towards lovely and lovable things, I feel very enthusiastic about life. So, I, now, remind myself that for the next few hours, I will only look for the lovable things around me. These could be simple things like colors, heart-shapes, little children playing on the ground, chirping of the birds, cool and fresh breeze, beautiful sound or music, or if not anything else, at least the love for myself.

I, now, understand that love does not need to be earned. It is first within me. I express love. I am an expressor of love. It feels beautiful to love. It is so natural for me to love. Loving is not my second nature, it is my first nature. All the beautiful elements in the world, and every single element in my life, which I find beautiful is only because of love.

I am made of love. This is what I am. I am originally love. I do not need to find love outside. I just need to be the love that I am. And when I be the love that I am, the law of attraction brings all those elements towards me, making me realize and remember that I am a magnet of love. I powerfully magnetize people, situations, and circumstances that remind me of love, and which give me back nothing but love. It feels so wonderful to remember that I AM love.

I can actually visualize myself sitting in a little heart-shaped chamber. That chamber is very soothing, relaxing, comfortable, and I feel extremely safe, secure, full, and whole, while visualizing myself sitting in that chamber of hearts. As I sit there, I radiate out beams of heart-shaped arrows towards all the people who are in my life. All those who have been part of my past, and to all those who will be part of my future. I bombard them with love. I am this massive and magnificent entity of love, and that brings me so much power from within myself that I cannot stop myself from loving every single element in the world around me.

Be aware of the precautions before you pick up a Mind Exercise to practice.