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15 Things a Day by Sagar.


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A Mind Exercise by Sagar Sonker.

Soon after waking up, many people get uncomfortable, if they don't get their Bed Tea, Newspaper, Loud Music, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

While it is good to be aware of what's going on in the world or in other people's lives, our focus shifts towards many unwanted things by doing this regularly, because that's what is mostly circulated by many.

Think about it - if you want to be able to earn more money, if you read statements like, 'life is difficult', 'it is very difficult to survive in today's world' daily, why would you even attempt doing something for more money? You will only be negatively focused on everything.

In our yesteryears, we prayed to God after waking up or spoke with our family members. However, below is a Mind Exercise that helps you grow spiritually.

What the mind contains,
it receives back in the form of life experiences.

I'm sure you've read the above line in the law of attraction section. So, why not feed the mind with the Wanted? Why not focus on things, more of which you want first?

This is one of the best Mind Exercises for changing your Energy Level, and getting you positively focused in and on life. Do it as FUN, and you will not even know when the Universe will surprisingly deliver to you all that you desire.

I highly recommend this Mind Exercise, and it is my personal favorite.

All that you have to do is make a list of 15 things, as described below:

01. FIVE Things I HAVE / I am grateful for

Many people maintain Gratitude Journals in which they regularly write things (from the minutest to the biggest) in their lives they are grateful for. Excellent if you can do it too, because whenever you write with your own hands and a pen (not type on a computer / mobile), you are more connected to yourself and your feelings! However, here's an easier alternative:

→ After you wake up, while doing your morning chores, in your own mind (or better still - you may speak it out loud), enlist five things that you are grateful for.

→ These could be physical (materialistic) or non-physical (spiritual, non-materialistic) things.

→ Tell yourself WHY you are grateful to them. Do it detailed enough that you spend at least 2-4 minutes doing this.

This is a short version of Gratitude that is explained in another section. Note that these are the things you already have in your life. Each day, try to come up with a new list. If you're reminded of a sixth one, keep it pending for the next day.

02. FIVE Things I would like to have

→ Then make a list of five things you would like to have in your life. Again, they could be physical or non-physical. You are free to choose anything that you really want.

Let it be realistic for yourself though. For Example, you CAN get a private airplane or a trillion dollars too, if you ask for it and pursue it, however, if that is something YOU don't want, it needn't be in your list. Whether you can get it or not is not the question, the question is whether YOU want it or not.

→ You may repeat the topic, but not the actual thing. For example, one day, you may ask for a baby. The second day, don't repeat the same, but you may say, "I love the idea of buying a Remotely Controlled Car.".

Note that these are the things you presently don't have in your life, but you would like to have them. Each day, try to come up with a new list. If you're reminded of a sixth one, keep it pending for the next day.

You do NOT need to JUSTIFY why you want them, because that MAY take you in a negative direction.

03. FIVE Things I LIKE

→ Go to one of your closest family members (or anyone who is willing to share this with you) and ask them five things they like, or like doing or having. Going to someone else for this one is really optional (although it will help them too), and involve them only if they're 100% willing to do it. If not, do it alone.

→ You tell them (or yourself, if doing it alone) five things you like, or like doing or having.

Note that these are the things you already have in your life. Each day, try to come up with a new list. If you're reminded of a sixth one, keep it pending for the next day.

Just one positive thought in the morning
can change your whole day.

Here, you create 15.

Like I said, you can write these down in a book too, but feeling it, believing in it is more important than writing. Writing is only a method. Even if you can speak it out to yourself in the mirror (while making-up or shaving), it works.