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Love is Love -
Love or Whatever (2012).

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Love or Whatever - The Movie about Corey who is happy in his life. He's a Psychotherapist (a Counsellor) who gets cheated by his confused flexi-sexual (bisexual) boyfriend, Jon, for a woman. He is shattered, but with the support of his sister Kelsey, he ends up meeting a perfect new man Pete, and their love blossoms.

Now, whether Jon comes back to Corey, and they reunite or do Corey and Pete discover their true love in one another is something I'd leave up to you to watch.

Pete is the perfect guy anybody would want to be with. He is strong, good-looking, hard-working, yet very emotionally sensitive. The hottest and the sweetest pizza delivery guy ever!

This was my very first Facebook post on this movie. I resonate so much with this story that I sometimes feel that Corey is me. When I wrote to the movie's Facebook page, appreciating it, they replied back saying, "so happy you like the film... you will find your Pete :)"

Some hilarious scenes in the movie [and Kelsey's the best actor], but it also brought tears to my eyes. If you'd like to have a good laugh, and if you believe in Love, this movie will bring a smile to your lips and tears to your eyes too.

If you're allergic to watching two guys getting intimate, please skip this. Some scenes may not be suitable for viewing at workplace.