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Love is Love - All about Section 377.

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Episode 1: Suresh Chaudhry (Gulshan Nain) has come to Bombay to pursue a career in acting and modelling. Until his career kickstarts he has to stay with his cousin Rohit Mehra (Amit Khanna). He is fine with that idea until he comes to know something about Rohit which makes him uncomfortable.

Episode 3: Suresh is facing a dilemma, he wants to shift to a new home! Our fav DDLJ and Mohabbatein tunes in the house! Catch the sentiment, excitement, love and hate on our YouTube channel. Suresh finds Rohit and Siddharth beautiful! What the hell is happening!?

Episode 4: Bechaari Mausi pushing Rohit towards marriage, watch the fun and drama of how Rohit tries to escape the conversation also one would get to see a chef in making with some great recipies.

Episode 5: Rohit gets jealous of Siddharth's ex-girlfriend and Suresh fights people who insult Rohit by making fun of his behavior.

Episode 6: On one end of the cinematic spectrum, you have the serious feature film Aligarh (which deals with coming out of the closet and freedom of expression), on the other, comes the far lighter, frothier, fun representation of the dilemmas faced by homosexuals in this web-series.

Episode 7: Section 377 has been one of the most talked about topics of late and it's a big day for the supporters of those who vote for the rights of the LGBT community. Amit, who had given us 'Tutiya Dil' and 'Badmashiyaan', has launched the promo of All About Section 377 - reflects the joys and sorrows of people who have different sexual preferences and how they cope up with the society.

Episode 8: The series takes its name from Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalises homosexuality. Director Amit Khanna, who also plays a central character in the eight-episode mini-series, uses the title to highlight issues concerning the LGBT community, especially the stigma that follows people who openly identify themselves as queer. The series began its webcast on March 27 and is aired on YouTube once a week.