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Your ENERGY attracts Thoughts towards you

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Every single thing that is happening in your life is by the virtue of your Thoughts. That's because the Thoughts you think build up the energy (or what people generally call - an Aura) around you. This Energy is magnetic in nature, and that's how you attract matching circumstances towards you by the virtue of the law of attraction. Let's just use one word CIRCUMSTANCES here, because people's behavior is ultimately a circumstance or an experience of your life. So, if your Thoughts are positive, your energy is positive, and so are your life-circumstances. Same goes for the negative. However, the story does not end here.

This energy then begins to attract those kinds of Thoughts as well towards you. Have you ever noticed that when you're angry, it seems hard to think positive Thoughts, because at that time, you don't have access to positive energy due to your ongoing negative energy, and because you don't have access to positive energy, you cannot think positive. Same goes for the other way round. When you are positive and happy, negativity does not have access to you. Doesn't this understanding make you feel safe and in-charge of your life?

Have you ever noticed that when you are driving to your office and if someone doesn't drive well on the road, you get angry, but when you hire a car in Goa, and you're driving it to a beach, and then if someone doesn't drive well on the road, you just laugh it off. You are the same person, the circumstance is the same, but the difference in the two scenarios that I mentioned is the energy YOU carry... rather, the energy that you created over a period of time... in this case, a couple of hours or days. It has got nothing to do with the city, because even if you're in your own city in a different mood, your behavior / reaction is different.

It's mostly about what you do over a couple of hours only. That's why it is important to regularly keep a check on your energy i.e. regularly check how you feel, and change your Thoughts from negative to positive, to ensure that you feel good and not bad.

But before you do this, you must give some importance to your own self and to the quality of the life you live. If you're proud of your negative behavior or if you justify it, you will never be able to get out of that zone and improve your life. I sometimes wonder, why do people need to be taught to "feel good"? Isn't that natural? Isn't that something that everybody ultimately wants?

The only little problem is that we want one thing, but, often, we vie for it in a manner that actually takes us away from it. Imagine yourself as a dot on a piece of paper. Imagine your desire as another dot on that same piece of paper. You can draw one straight line from yourself towards that desire, isn't it? That's how easy it is to get anything that you want in your life. Let's say that your desire is to buy a new house in the city. Now, each time you think the Thoughts, "It's so difficult to buy a house these days. My salary is not increasing at all. My boss is biased. I am not happy about where I live. blah blah blah"... each time you think such Thoughts, you are not drawing a straight line, but unnecessary moving in all directions away from that desire. You may say, "that's my experience - that's what is happening in the world - how can I ignore that?". Well, don't ignore it, but at least stop talking about it on lunch tables, at least stop talking about it to your family members, at least stop constantly thinking in that negative / undesired direction. If you think those kinds of Thoughts, why on earth will you magnetize anything positive towards you? And even if you achieve what you thought was your desire, it won't be the fully ripened pure fruit. It will always be the distorted version. And then we, humans, conclude that one must compromise in life, marriages means sacrifice and compromise, life means suffering, your job can never make you happy, and so on and so forth... All of this crappy thinking just because you did not make efforts to study the Law of Attraction. Forget the Law of Attraction, at least study your own Mind, and you'll be on the right path.

Why does a Law of Attraction Teacher like me asks you to Visualize, or Write down your Positive Memories or Focus on your dreams or Write your Goals and read them out daily? Well, that's because all of these Mind Exercises have the potential of making you feel happy. Once you develop this DAILY habit of feeling happy by looking at everything that is around you or in your own mind, your energy becomes more and more positive and receptive and conducive to attract positive circumstances towards you. It is through these positive circumstances that you move ahead in the direction of your desire / goal in life.

There's a catch there of course. If your Dreams or Goals feel negative to you while thinking about them, you may end up practicing this negative behavior on a daily basis and it may backfire on you. That's why many-a-times, Money Checks, Vision Boards, and other things mentioned in the movie / book The Secret don't work. They backfire. Just imagine yourself waking up daily, looking at that Vision Board and thinking, "Oh, the picture on that board is so sweet, but I don't even remotely believe it will come true". That's what you're affirming and that's what you'll get, getting you even more frustrated. Now, why Vision Boards work for so many people is because anything tried with a fresh, innocent attitude is a TRIAL, and not a TEST. When you just do it without getting any negative about any new Mind Exercise, it works for you. It's when you begin to TEST it, or if you do it because you want to make it forcefully happen, it definitely fails to work. This also happens to those super-intelligent beings who study these things in-depth. You see, being super-intelligent, can go against you sometimes. Well, you can turn it into your favor, so, don't worry. It's superb to be super-intelligent.

That is why on a slightly light note I tell my learners that if your desire feels negative to you, or if you feel sad on thinking about what you want, just "shut up" thinking about it. Think about everything else, but your desire. At the same time, crib less, appreciate more. Worry less, be happy more. Watch less news and more cartoon. Dance more and fight less. Look at the stars instead of watching painful movies. Collect beautiful pictures from the Internet, instead of reading your Facebook News Feed where people share all sorts of negative stuff. Do you know - this is going to sound really funny, but I don't mind sharing it - I see only my posts in my News Feed. That's because as you become sensitive to Vibrations and Energy, you become a sharper magnet, and anything that you look at, you attract even more easily into your experience, if you generate an emotion or a Thought corresponding to it. It's not weakness, as some people misunderstand or misbelieve. It is, in fact, a sign of you being a sharper receiver of manifestations through pure Thoughts. Basically, you CANNOT (I'm not saying - should or should not, but you simply CANNOT) watch unpleasant or negative movies or television serials and feel good at the end of the day. You CANNOT bitch and gossip with your friends and colleagues and have a sound sleep at night. You CANNOT carry wrong Thoughts in your mind and reach to the right Goals in your life. That's how it is, isn't it? You know it already deep down, just start experimenting with it, and you'll realize it in no time.