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I invited a guy home to meet me casually via a Dating App. You may say, "Sagar, why casually? You're so boring." I agree. I am a very simple and a boring guy in real life [laughs]. But I knew that he was married, which is why my intention to meet him was NOT romantic or sexual. But he was so desperate that within 5 minutes on arriving he took his pants off and was desperate to show me his THING... like as-if I don't have that THING, and secondly he thought that by looking at that THING I'd say, "Wow", but I went [imitates vomiting], "Urgh! Eew! That Thing is made for someone else. Don't show it to me."

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My voice will sound sexy today, because of cough, cold, and fever [sniggers].

Some people may ask, "Sagar, what's the problem in meeting with married men? They also have feelings. And love can happen at any point of time in life." If you want a blunt answer from me on this, this is what I have to say: Those who involve with married guys romantically or sexually, or those who involve with others romantically or sexually despite being married have no Principles (or Values) in life!

But see, I don't hate anybody. I'm too busy in my life to spew hatred onto others, and I'm not a 20/25-year-old boy to criticize or cuss about things that I don't like. I'm not talking about legalities here. I'm talking about moralities here. A Married Guy can never have just One Boyfriend. That happens only in Web Series, because they are Scripted. One who cannot stay loyal with his wife has already turned his Promiscuity Switch ON [sniggers]. And there's unlimited variety in this world, isn't it? So, one who cannot stay loyal with his wife can NEVER stay loyal with any one person in this world.

Why you should stay away from such guys is, because I know many married guys who would meet you ONLY WHEN they are in the MOOD (to go out traveling or to go into the bedroom). And when you are in the MOOD, you receive a very rude reply, "busy with family", like as-if they were never part of your life. Means they want a wife as a fallback (mechanism), or to cook, or to support them during their old age, and meanwhile, they also want a Boyfriend for Weekend Fun... that too when they are in the mood.

Generally, you will never hear me calling something as Right or Wrong. You'll hardly hear me saying, "This is Right and That is Wrong", or "Do this and Don't do that!". It is all your choice, isn't it? But cheating on your partner is as big a sin as hitting / killing someone. But I would still say that it is your choice. (i) What kind of life you want to lead, (ii) what kinds of people you want in your life, (iii) whether you want to cheat on your partner, (iv) or you want to help someone in cheating on their partner (and become a SHAREHOLDER of that SIN) - these are all choices, isn't it?

At the end of the day, Loyalty is a Choice, but having Principles, Values, and Dignity also matters.

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