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Never do anything to please others

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Never do anything to please others...

- Don't follow TRAFFIC RULES for the Traffic Police. Follow them for YOUR own safety.

- Don't buy EXPENSIVE possessions to show-off your status. Buy them only because YOU like to buy them and you can afford to buy them.

- Don't go out for DINNER just because everybody goes and it's common. Go when you want change.

- Don't watch MOVIES just because they release. Watch them if you want to learn something from them.

- Don't wear NICE CLOTHES to impress people around you. Wear nice clothes only if YOU like to wear nice clothes and you feel nice and happy on wearing them.

- Don't clean your HOUSE to show your guests how neat and clean the house is. Keep your house clean just because YOU like it clean.

- Don't be in a RELATIONSHIP because you're lonely. Be in a relationship to share the abundance of love, peace, and happiness you may have.

- Don't get MARRIED just to avoid societal pressures. Marry only if YOU feel like getting married (not your parents

- they can NOT solve your problems).

- Don't REPRODUCE children just to show the society that you are not infertile. Produce them only if YOU feel the need to explode the population even more.

- Don't WORK for your BOSS/MANAGER. Work because YOU enjoy working, learning and not sitting jobless at home.

- Don't post on FACEBOOK so that others LIKE/comment on them. Write them because YOU feel like sharing your thoughts with others.

- Don't be a good HUMAN BEING to show others how good you are. Be a good human being just because YOU are originally a good human being.

- Live LIFE on your own terms, conditions, and preserve your own values, because nobody can walk your path although they may try to walk it with you.

Surely you should act for others out of care, love, positivity, and empathy, but don't do anything to impress or please others, because it's not worth it. They are simply not as important as YOU are.

That is how I have always lived my life - and have been happy about it.