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Every event that happens with you can be called an episode of your life. These episodes have varied time durations or intensities or importance in your life. In order to have a smooth life experience, it is very important to keep these episodes positive. However, let's dig down into more details and understand it better.

Going out for shopping - is a very short episode;
Going on a trip - is a short-term episode;
Joining a new company and working there - is a long-term episode;
Getting married - is a lifelong episode. It's like a mega-episode;
and there are innumerable examples...

If you draw the timeline of your life, you can visualize representing these episodes on that timeline.

Within each episode, there are sub-episodes. For example: Each day at work is an episode, each sightseeing visit you make in your trip is an episode, each date with your boyfriend / girlfriend is an episode.

Note that these episodes do not start when the actions or the actual activities start i.e. Your Travel Episode to Dubai (for example) does not begin when you start traveling. It begins when you think the very first Thought about traveling to Dubai. Similarly, the episode of working in a new company does not begin when you start working. It begins on the day you have the very first thought about changing your job.

So, if you had the very first Thought of traveling to Dubai in 2010, but you actually travelled in 2017, does it mean that the episode began in 2017? No! The episode began in 2010.

Within each episode, there are scenes. Within each scene there are actions. Remember that actions are not just physical decisions, but mental thoughts as well. For example, your research about Dubai is a scene comprising of actions. Booking tickets is a scene comprising of actions. Then your actual journey up to the Airport is a scene comprising of actions... and so on and so forth... and then, of course, the actual trip as well, until it's over.

You can find out similar scenes for other episodes.

There are two things to be understood here: My very first Thought - right at the beginning of an episode - needs to be positive, in order for the entire episode to be positive and successful. Besides the very first Thought, every single action (and the corresponding Thought within that action) also needs to be positive, in order for the entire episode to be positive and successful.

Let's understand what not to do:
♦ How is your very first Thought about changing your job? Is it based on your frustration about your present job? If yes, you have begun your episode on a negative note, and that will have negative results without fail.
♦ While wanting to travel somewhere, do you feel the need to travel somewhere away from home, just because you're upset about your daily boring routine? If yes, you have begun your episode on a negative note, and that will have negative results without fail.
♦ While researching about Dubai (for example), if you look for bad reviews on TripAdvisor, you cannot keep your Thoughts positive, and thus, your episode is adulterated.
♦ If you go out shopping with the Thoughts of having a shortage of money in your pocket, you have not only started that episode on a negative note, but also living every scene of that episode negatively. Each scene here, for example, is visiting a variety of shops.

First two things to take care of:
1. Begin any new episode of your life on a positive note, no matter how trivial that episode may be.
2. Try to live each scene within the episode as positively as you can. I'm not expecting anybody to be a perfectionist, but one can definitely try his / her best.

Now, because of the validity of the second point mentioned above, it is very much possible that you experience a dip in your energy, for a variety of reasons:
♦ may be you attracted something negative, because you were not positive enough;
♦ may be you judged something and got negatively affected by it;
♦ may be you did not keep yourself positive and charged;
♦ may be you forgot this Life Hack...

Next two things to take care of:
3. Don't despair and don't disregard this knowledge or attraction process. You attracted something negative, because of your negativity, it was not attracted towards you because this knowledge doesn't work. This is a moneyback guarantee kind of a formula that works 100% of the times.
4. Recharge yourself twice daily. A morning-time self-talk and a night-time self-talk hugely helps. In fact, that's the key... the only key.

There's one more thing to note here: Your Thoughts are always based on your overall Beliefs and Perceptions about your life, and you cannot begin to think positive Thoughts without correcting your Beliefs and Perceptions about your life. Note: I'm specifically saying, "your life", and not "life", because "life" means the world, and if you focus your attention there, there's a lot of negativity for you to consume. If you focus on "your life", and what matters to you, and what's important to you, you can make corrections and improvements more easily.

Affirm positive Thoughts to yourself, visualize only positive things happening to you, spend your lone time appreciating that lone time (and not thinking about your problems), and try to reach out for that state of Unconditional Happiness, and that will keep your energy and your episodes clean.

This is exactly how you can keep yourself away from negative experiences.