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Importance of Purity in Thoughts to Manifest your Desires

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An important aspect to the law of attraction is the CLARITY or PURITY in one's thought (not a repetitive, forced, or strong thought) that attracts a desired result precisely. So, even if you naturally think ONCE of that thing you REALLY REALLY like, and leave it at there, that's a pure thought, and you will not even know how exactly it manifested for you and you will recollect some day that you'd thought about it in the past. This is exactly how intuitions work. An intuition is nothing but a 100% pure thought.

The catch with repetition is that it is highly possible that you are repeating it because you are missing your desire very much. And if "missing" is what your active consciousness is, the law of attraction will respond to you with situations that make you miss your desire even more. As you may have guessed it right by now, the law of attraction works at the level of those secret, hidden thoughts that you know but (on a light note) you are hiding from the outside world. My question to you is - Why would you re-think and re-think about your desire if you're confident and sure that it's going to come true? It's the lack of confidence and incorrect beliefs that makes one repeatedly think about a desire.

There are two ways people repeatedly think about their desires. One is very natural and effortless, from a place of confidence and knowing that it will come true. Well, "knowing" is nothing but faith in "some energy" out there that will convert that desire into a tangible manifestation. Another is from a place of hollowness, desperation, negativity, and sadness. The difference and distance between these two types of thinking processes is poles apart.

When I booked my very first International Flight Tickets to Thailand (with my mother) two months in advance, first of all, that was a very very natural, new, and fresh desire within me. There was nothing but pure excitement, confidence, curiosity in those two months. Even if I may have Thought about it, it was in the former way I explained in the previous paragraph. No obsessive thinking - just a natural knowing that it's going to be fun. That trip was flawless. Only fun and complete positivity. There were no failures or flaws in the entire trip.

On the other hand, one day before meeting Madhuri Dixit1, I was constantly thinking about whether I'll get a good, clear picture of the both of us looking into the camera. Well, I got more than what I could have I asked for - a video, many photos, and two autographs, BUT I did not get a proper picture of the both of us looking into the camera. That's how precisely it works.

Whether it is required to constantly think about your desire for it to come true? No, not at all. Neither positively nor negatively. In fact, the more you deliberately think about that desire, you're adding negativity and impurity into your mind. Even one forced Thought about a desire is a negative and impure Thought. That's why it is universally said to not be desperate about wanting something - be it wanting a partner or selling your old house at a good price. Now, even if you end up naturally thinking about that desire, let those Thoughts only enhance and clarify your desire to you. Keep it only at that.

So, who keeps a track of that one invisible Thought? Isn't that a risk? Will that guy who's keeping a track of that desire not forget about it? No. That "guy" is your inner being. It always holds it in a very natural, subconscious level in your own mind. Just recollect all the best things that you've got in your life so far, and also recollect 'how you were' while pursuing those things. You will realize that you were very very natural about them. Wherever (in other areas of life) you "made something forcefully happen", it came to you in one screwed-up form or another.

Therefore, even if you practice Affirmations, if you're doing that from a place of hollowness and sadness or to make something happen, the manifestation of your desire will either get delayed or will get screwed up. Trust me on that one!

If you've already developed a negative, obsessive thinking habit about a desire, you have to work on undoing it, OR even if you merely want to think naturally positive about your Desires... that's where my Spiritual Activities come into picture.