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How To: Live Life Like A Celebrity

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No matter how much we say that Celebrities have wonderful lives, because they're rich, famous, and millions of fans, and that they have everything, because they are celebrities, because they work in movies (that's the predominant example that I'm using here) we would be in a better position acknowledging a few very important things here.

Celebrities live enriching, prosperous, nourishing lives, because they are strong, yet humble within. They are powerful within. They are the people who work on themselves first, and if you consider a celebrity just as a piece of entertainment, and are not inspired enough to learn something from them, this audio is not for you. You should now be going ahead and closing it. This talk is more for those self-learning people who want to learn new spiritual things in life.

I used the word "humble" above, which some of you may disagree with, because you may have seen those celebrities behaving rudely or arrogantly on camera, but from a third person's perspective, what is shown in those 5 minutes, is just 5% of their negativity. We, sitting at home, do not know the situation enough to judge them as (in quotes) "bad people".

They have the understanding of positivity and its value in one's life. They understand value of molding the self first, adapting to the world, instead of asking the world to change, how being a better human being first, letting go of small-small things, giving up on negative things and pursuing one's dreams strongly and powerfully, how to give undivided attention to whatever it is that you're doing, not fearing failure, not caring about what people say, how to change and evolve with time, and taking steps towards whatever it is that one desires in life. In one of my Life Hacks, I'd mentioned that how you RESPOND to the world outside is what defines your SUCCESS. The "world outside" does not merely mean people. It means your life's situations and circumstances. How you deal with a negative phase, how you be or behave when something is not going according to your thoughts, how you manage your life when you have less money, how you manage bad personal or work relationships, what Thoughts you think in crisis, what Behavior you exhibit during a bad patch, and so on and so forth. That's what the "world outside" means, and the attitude with which you DEAL with it or the amount of positivity with which you respond to it is directly proportional to your success, and success is a package of everything, it's not just about money or big houses or big cars or bodyguards around you. Success is about that inner contentment, joy, and happiness in whatever you have in life, and wherever you are in life. So, there are also many other people who are extremely rich, but because they're more focused on thinking and speaking negative things, despite having everything, they are discontent in their lives, they're unhappy about one or more areas of life, and the hollowness and self-deprivation is constantly felt within. That's not really success, is it?

There are exceptions to this, and what I am speaking may sound very generalized, and it is, in a way. There are exceptions in any area of life, including this, but I am referring to those well-known, loved, and truly happy celebrities who are more focused on what they're doing in their lives than tweeting ill about one another. Well, when it comes to human beings, there is a percentage of evil within everyone, and even though that percentage varies from person to person, and even if there are celebrities who have a pretty visible amount of negative traits within them, the ones I am referring to here in this talk are those who have more positivity dominant within them.

Do you really think that celebrities have easy lives? Luxury is not everything. They are those people who face a lot of negativity, have to deal with all sorts of people, all sorts of insults from people even lower than them (now, I'm saying this, but they would call it learning curves and experiences - that's humility, you see). Celebrities go through a lot of emotional ups and downs, they have to work hard, and all that I just said does not mean that they have very hard lives. That is why they are at that level. They love what they do. They enjoy what they do. And when you love and enjoy what you do, it's not "hard work", it's just PASSION. When you're passionate and enthusiastic about something, when you love what you do, when you put your love into what you do, your life is full of passion and enthusiasm, and then the Law of Attraction brings more of such interesting things towards you. Then you don't care if you have to give up on Pizzas and Tasty Oily Food to look good OR if you have to wake up at 5 AM daily for going to the Gym. When celebrities say that they've "worked hard" towards where they are today, first, like I explained above, it's passion, and not hard work. Secondly, they're probably not aware of how the Mind and the Law of Attraction works, but fair-enough. That's their way of saying that they've not got everything readymade. They've not had easy lives, which we sit on our lunch tables and criticize out of jealosy. That's their way of saying that they have had to earn it through Focus.

They are not born celebrities. They make their lives worth celebrating through Self-focus, Self-love, and Self-work. This is the Key. This is the secret to success. This is the key to having millions of dollars in your bank account. This is the key to having millions of fans on Instagram. They don't do anything TO get famous or TO get rich or TO build mansions. These are just the bi-products of absolute self-love, focus, and purity. One does not have 3 million or 5 million followers on Instagram, because he posts the photos of his six-pack abs. He has those many followers, because he's that much positively focused, and self-loving. He has purity in his own Thoughts and overall being. Focus and Connection with the self is Purity, and that's what everyone is always attracted to. That's why we all love babies, by default. Celebrities don't even have to walk into their own kitchen for years to get a glass of water. That's not because they have servants in their house. That's because of their Purity and Focus, and it's Purity and Focus that can get you everything. Unfortunately, there are few people who misunderstand Purity as Celibacy, and there are many Celibate people who are totally unhappy in their lives. Well, I cannot accommodate that topic here, as I would end up diverting.

So, self-love does not just mean clicking your own shirtless selfies with a cute-little puppy in your other hand. Self-love means self-respect. Respecting yourself enough to stay away from negativity. Let me say that more correctly - staying away from exhibiting or creating any kind of negativity in your mind. Because, some people may consider, "staying away from negativity" as "staying away from family, and the big viceful world", and end up going into jungles or hilltops and staying. Self-love and Self-respect means not getting angry in that tempting situation. Not gossiping or talking ill about someone. Not talking rudely or badly to or about someone. Self-love is the willingness to change yourself first and adapt to what's going on around. This is Purity, and Purity is the most powerfully magnetic thing in the world.

Self-focus, Self-love, and Self-work is highly rewarding in this Universe. This is the key to a Happy Life. This is the key to bringing anything and everything that you desire in your life. These are the core values of celebrities, and that's why they live the lives that we literally crave for. They're focused on their career, right from the beginning of their career. They're willing to work hard towards and be focused on that. Without realizing this basic truth, we run behind money, we run behind gathering Likes and Followers, we run behind looking good first, we run behind filling our wardrobes first, thinking that we'll live a luxurious and happy life by having all of this. We will have everything by such Outside-In focus, but it wouldn't really be fulfilling. You may or may not have experienced this in your life yet, but I certainly have, which is when I decided to switch my focus back inside.

Have you ever met a celebrity or a movie star? Whether yes or no, if you've heard the experiences of those who have met celebrities, you will hear one common thing - that the fan was dumbstruck on meeting the star. That's because of the immense amount of Purity and Positivity and that inner Godly connection that the celebrity has within himself / herself, which simply takes away our need to think anything in that moment. You just simply feel blank, because you actually feel extremely peaceful and you shiver, because you haven't experienced that feeling for a long long time. That's essentially what "being dumstruck" means.

Some people (including celebrities) say that they were destined to be what they are today or it was in their destiny. But now that you and I and all of us who are on this path of awakening know that there is nothing such as Destiny, it's just your Thoughts and Focus that makes your Destiny, we understand that their Thoughts were what gave them what they are today.

Some people say that these are the "new souls" in this world, and that is why they have everything. Well, more than calling them "new souls", I would call them focused and connected souls. You may have experienced that all the goodness that has come to you so far is specifically when you were focused and connected to your inner being. These people are focused more than 90% of the times, and that is why they're actually living those lives worth celebrating every day. Let's learn from them. You may not consider a celebrity as an idol if you're not comfortable doing that, but if you can grab a piece of this knowledge and implementing in your life, your life will be worth celebrating as well.