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I must be 9-10 years old, used to live in my hometown. One guy used to come from Pune to my town to teach Kathak to some girls. His first name was Kailas. I won't disclose his last name [sniggers]. On hearing this name - till date - an image of an effeminate / girly man comes to my mind. He was very effeminate. He wasn't just a Kathak teacher, but also a Bollywood Dance Choreographer.

I can't even imagine how many difficulties he might have faced in the 90s (when I was a teenager, and he must be in his mid-20s or late-20s) to do the things that he must've felt like doing - being an "Effeminate Kathak Dancer". The point here is - me and some of my cousins used to go in our Store Room, and laugh at him. However, I'm doing the same thing at (close to) 40, isn't it? You dare laugh at me.

Now, some people might say, "Sagar, you were young. You didn't understand." I disagree. 9-10-year-old kids talk about sex. Impregnate or get pregnant. Having no understanding doesn't mean that your mistakes are forgiven. So, you can't say that we didn't understand. You can say that we weren't EVOLVED.

Therefore, never stop yourself from doing different things, because of the world. If you like doing something that's different, do it. If you like doing something non-conventional, do it. If you like doing something that people laugh at, DO IT FIRST, because the ones who laugh are at fault. They are not evolved.

However, today's generation is well-informed. They are knowledge-abled, evolved and accepting. Therefore, never ever stop yourself because of the world.

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