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Forgiveness: 5 Quick Tips

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Here are 5 Quick Tips around Forgiveness that can totally change your life.

1. Forgive for yourself.
Forgive for yourself, not for the other person. Other people are anyway trying to be the best of what they can be, so, it is important that you don't carry the burden or pain here (in your mind) about their erratic behavior.

2. Forgive Unconditionally.
Which means, forgive everything. You cannot forgive certain things and not tolerate / forgive certain other things, because that wouldn't really be Unconditional Forgiveness, and you'll continue to live an ordinary life, which will have the margin to attract things that cause you pain. Forgiving everything raises your Happiness Level or Spiritual Quotient. Therefore, practice forgiving everything!

3. Forgive Everyone.
That's also very important. You cannot choose to forgive some people and choose to not forgive some other people. That would be biased, and by keeping such a condition in your mind, you will keep giving yourself the permission to create pain because of certain patterns of certain people.

4. Forgive instantly / on the spot.
The moment someone does something erratic, forgive then and there. Don't wait for the evening to meditate and clean it up. Don't carry that burden or pain for even one minute. This does need practice, and it is very easily possible. Just say that, "I don't care, it doesn't affect me or my happiness. I am still the way I am, and it doesn't bother me anymore."

5. Forgiving someone does not necessarily mean that you allow the person back into your life. Think about it!