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Everyone has problems with everyone. Where do you choose to be?

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Everyone is fighting with everyone else! Everyone has the problems and everyone is facing the issues that you are - out there in the world. You may not see that in front of you, but if you take enough time, do enough research, and observe enough, you'll see that the issues you complain about are also the issues that almost everyone else is complaining about.

So, do you wish to join the group of people who make complaints and fight with other people, or do you want to be in that "Stepped Back" mode? It is completely a choice, and making that choice a part of your behavior needs practice.

You cannot change enough malls, shops, or partners in order to feel good. I have evoked negativity from people at 5 Star hotels as well. So, not even "raising your standards" and saying that you'd go only to high-class branded places may not necessarily work.

You can evoke positivity from utterly negative people as well. It's about your energy, and that's only where the modification needs to be done.

At first, doing something differently e.g. not fighting with someone, may make you feel weird, and uncomfortable. That's the withdrawal symptom, you see.

A few checks that can be done as an opportunity to introspect:
1. Am I doing something that is actually unnecessary? (just buying stuff because you have a credit card, clothes even if your cupboard is full)
2. Nothing is wrong with me. If I have attracted it, I can let it go away from me as well.
3. I secrete empathy and my power to be happy no matter what on this person.
4. I can keep my energy high, anyway.