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Don't Invest Yourself in Wrong People

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You are INVESTING yourself, a part of you, "your soul" so to speak in every single person who is in your life.

The way you constantly keep a close eye on our financial investments, it would be highly beneficial, if you keep a close check on the people who are part of your life. Are you gaining something or only losing something? Are you becoming a better individual or worse? Does this matter?

If it does, remember, the energy exchange that happens with each person - you speak with, chat with, 'WhatsApp' with, hug, love, kiss, or have sex with, roam around with, watch movies with, have dinners with - every single person you interact with - is significantly contributing to who YOU become over a period of time. Specially as far as significant relationships are concerned - those which matter to you, those which are close and important to you, if you constantly pour yourself into someone who has nothing to offer you in return, first of all, that's not Unconditional Love, and secondly, YOU are becoming lesser than what you're actually wanting to be.

One way to check this is that you constantly feel helpless, low, hollow, deprived, and not very elated on thinking about or interacting with that person. I am not just talking about people who deliberately come with intentions of only hurting you - there are some people in this world who knowingly or unknowingly do that, but in general also, about people who inadvertently end up doing this. Nobody comes to HURT YOU, as such, but there are people who want something from you, want to just be with you, but do not really have anything to offer to you in return. Such people also end up evading you.

People say that Relationships are not like business where you should 'give and take' or exchange something with one another, but that's in reference to Actions. Yes, I know, Relationships are not like business, where if I have done 10 things for someone he / she is also supposed to do 10 things back for me. That's not what I am talking about. Energy Exchange that is constantly happening between the two of you is what I am referring to here... and if it is not bidirectional, healthy, or harmonious, you are moving opposite in the direction from what you want in your life. Check this and you'll know it for yourself. You become more and more stagnant, unenthusiastic about life, and powerless.

That's what is generally called as 'Soul Swapping with Unwanted & Ungodly Souls'.