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Excerpts on YouTube

These are the excerpts of this Life Hack published separately in parts on YouTube:
♦ Conditional Happiness SUCKS
♦ Happiness can ONLY be found WITHIN
♦ Happiness lies along the way
♦ Real Life Example - How staying Happy helped this man start a business
♦ Renunciation is NOT Spirituality
♦ There is nothing such as 'Happier' and 'Happiest'


Every single thing that every single person is doing in this world is only because he / she believes that he / she will feel happy - by doing it or by getting the results from those actions. There is not one person in this world who is doing something for anything other than the happiness of the self. Yes, their actions may be aberrant from the actual path to happiness, or their reason behind taking those actions may be that of unhappiness, but think about it...

You may give me some utterly negative examples, and debate about whether those acts or actions really lead to happiness. So, let's first understand what Happiness is.

Happiness is that state of your mind, which makes you feel content, powerful, light-hearted, joyous, and free-flowing. Happiness is all that we seek. Any action that you do is always based on the belief that the result of that action will make you feel content, light-hearted, joyous, and free-flowing. Now, even if you look at some negative actions by some troublesome people, and think a bit deeply about their intentions, you will realize that what they are actually looking for is Happiness only. Now, whether they achieve Happiness on doing those Actions remains a question, but anyway...

Each one's definition of Happiness is different, and nobody has the right to call someone else's definition of Happiness wrong or criticize it or say, "Hey, what you're doing is wrong, and what I'm doing is right. Listen to what I am doing and follow it." Yes, we can share our experiences, but we cannot enforce them onto others.

Happiness is a state of mind or a feeling, but that does not mean that it is something intangible or something that cannot be manifested into Happy Life Experiences. So, I'm not saying that one should continue to live a sad, hollow, and miserable life and keep saying, "Happiness is just a state of mind. I gotta be happy in my mind. What happens in life does not matter". Not at all!

As you understand the Law of Attraction, it becomes easy to understand that what's inside must come outside. A Happy Mind HAS TO manifest a Happy Life, and it does. Instances of Unhappy Life Experiences are the indications of the mind's unhappy / negative contents.

Happiness is very much tangible, and the physical material manifestations are the unavoidable results of a Happy Mind. It's another story if you push those manifestations away from your life, but the law states that a Happy Mind attracts Happy Manifestations.

However, there's a catch there. As you get Happy and manifest material things into your life, unless you're aware of this knowledge, you begin to believe that it is external events or people who are creating the Happiness within you. That's where problems begin. We fail to remember that irrespective of all the good things that are happening around, the place where Happiness is GENERATED, or produced, or created, or manufactured is WITHIN. But, where does the raw material for Happiness come from? Let's find out.

It can only be found within
Many people spend their entire lives looking for other people / situations / conditions to make them happy, and it is due to this very conditioning of the mind that they live lives mixed with sadness. This very conditioning of the mind pollutes one's happiness and invites sadness, and there's a simple reason behind that:

People and external situations are not in our control. People behave in the way they feel right, and that may not always be right for us. Life Events may not always occur or go about in our preconceived ways. That's why it is dicey and undesired to hook our Happiness onto external conditions. The only thing that is in our control is our Happiness, our Mood, our Perception of looking at the world, and, ultimately, our own Energy.

Well, being in this physical world, it feels natural to expect Happiness from people and life events, and that's okay. However, being dependent on people and life events for one's Happiness is where problems begin. That is where our Happiness begins to drain. We are Happy Beings already, however, our own conditioning of the mind takes Happiness away from us.

Happiness is a feeling manufactured within our own mind. The raw material for the feeling of Happiness is also created WITHIN. That raw material is our Thoughts and Perceptions. With Conditional Happiness, which I will talk about next, we begin to live life like as-if the raw material for the feeling of Happiness is coming from outside, which it is not.

Conditional vs Unconditional Happiness
We all want to be happy, however, because we consider ourselves as physical human consumers of all that exists around, we have ended up tying that happiness to people and conditions around. Happiness is a feeling that can be consistently sustained forever, but due to our self-set conditions, we tend to lose that feeling time and again, and then we run in all possible directions to achieve it, without evaluating if that direction is right or not.

Materialism is NOT wrong, let me clarify. We are in this physical world to enjoy all that exists, but it's the dependency of us on everything for our happiness that's the problem. We fail to CREATE the Happy Feeling within ourselves until our self-set conditions are met, and that's a big problem.

When we remind ourselves that we are not physical human consumers, but non-physical energy that has the powerful ability to create anything and everything that it desires, the perspective of looking at life totally changes.

It is very very important to realize the difference between doing something FOR Happiness and doing something WITH Happiness. That's not just a easy-looking line, but a huge transformation or realization. Life completely revolutionizes on realizing this simple thing - that I am happy anyway, and now I want to pursue everything, so that I can explore more of this world and of myself.

Someone once asked me during a Coaching Session, "If I am already happy, why would I pursue my goals?" That was a very conceptual or theoretical question, and it has two facets to it:
First - it is the flawed subconscious belief that carry in our minds - that we're supposed to do everything FOR happiness or for sustaining it, and - let me whisper into your ears - that never works!
Second, that question can be answered by a very simple example. A Happy Single never says, "I'm Happy, so why should I get married now?" or a Happy Rich person never says, "I'm already Happy, so why should I go on an exotic tour?"
We are here in this world to experience this world, to experience life, and to explore ourselves. We are here to have fun and joy in life, and one who is already happy can never stagnate like that. We want more and more of all that we have, and it is this 'more-ness' that always keeps us going. Just that, doing something without being happy first, and just doing it with the hope that it may give you happiness takes you nowhere.

Renunciation for Happiness
Renunciation is NOT Spirituality, and it can never lead to a creative or satisfying life. However, if there is someone who believes that renunciation i.e. giving up on bodily pleasures, materialism, relations, etc. leads to happiness, that person's beliefs are satisfied by the Law of Attraction as well. The Law of Attraction is very fair, you see . It gives Stagnancy + Renunciation to that person, and that person continues to live in the Illusionary Belief that that's Happiness. Neither lives happily in the ongoing life, nor does any good for the future. Considering your Happiness in something vs Being actually Happy are two things that are poles apart, and I will talk about it later.

The problem with living in such an Illusionary Belief that renunciation of everything brings Happiness is that later when you truly realize the purpose of your life, you find yourself already have walked too dark into the cave, and then (even if it is not) it seems hard to undo all of the crappy thinking about Spirituality that you may have done.

Happiness cannot be measured
Many-a-times we say, "I'm Happier in life now", or "This event occurred and I got Happier", or "I'm going through the Happiest phase of my life right now". However, let's understand it accurately. Happiness is not an object that can be measured or quantified. So, there is nothing such as Happier and Happiest. Happy, Happier and Happiest are just English language words. It's just Happy, as far as the Feeling is concerned.

There are some moments when you feel like as-if you are Happier... and that's because during those moments you think more than 90% focused and Happy Thoughts - all at once. You don't get "Happier" in terms of more quantity, but what actually happens in the background is that you just think a bunch of consistently Happy Thoughts (one after the other) in those moments. This is not the same as other times, when you think around 50-60% Happy Thoughts only and rest are miscellaneous Thoughts. Examples of such moments (when you feel like as-if you're Happier) are Achievements, Job Offers, Weddings, Honeymoons, Intimate Moments, or Moments of doing activities that get you excited.

Note that the number of Thoughts do not matter. It is the underlying Feeling caused by one or more Thoughts that makes you say or feel that you're Happier.

But again, there are no rules in Spirituality. So, if using those relative words (Happier and Happiest) makes you happier , go ahead and use them, but just remember that you cannot really measure happiness, because it's a non-physical feeling. If you do something with the assumption that that would make you happier in measurable quantity, you may be disappointed, when trying to compare or measure your previous 'happy happiness' vs your current 'happier happiness'.

Enthusiasm vs Excitement
While Enthusiasm is necessary every single day in every single action you do, Excitement is usually misunderstood as Happiness. It's not about the word, but the Feeling. Excitement is short-lived, and it is like a sudden peak due to a convergence of a mix of emotions. While Happiness is a state of stability, Excitement is not. Not that it is bad, but it's not stability

Assumed Happiness
There are many many people in this world that I have come across who believe that they're Happy, but they're actually not. They may have considered their Happiness in something, but considering your Happiness in something vs being really Happy are two completely different feelings. The former, is not Happiness.

When you ask people if they're Happy, they may say Yes, but if you take a survey through a series of questions, you understand that they're actually SEEKING Happiness, but not EXPERIENCING it.

Considering your Happiness in your Job is not the same as being actually Happy at your Workplace. Considering your Happiness in your boyfriend / girlfriend is not the same as being truly Happy in that Relationship.

How to BE Truly Happy?
There's only one simple answer to this - Take Charge of Yourself. Be in-charge of your Thoughts, Words, Actions, Choices, and Decisions. Take the full responsibility of yourself by wholly Accepting yourself.

Is that easy to implement? Yes, I can say that after having done it myself. However, at the same time, let me not sugar-coat it. Let me say it clearly that it does need inner work and efforts, and it's not a day's job. I've spent 12+ years as of today working on myself, and it still seems like a journey, however, making the Decision to BEGIN working is where life begins to transform, and show you your desired results. The journey is never-ending, and I will be working on myself on my last day in this birth as well, but as of today, I am super-confident about being in COMPLETE Control of my ability to choose to do what pleases me. After all, that's the purpose of life, isn't it?

Along with that, there is one important understanding to be had...

Happiness lies along the way
I know that that line sounds cliche and unpleasant, especially when you DON'T HAVE what you want. However, as you undertand the Law of Attraction deeper, you realize its importance.

Let's assume for a minute that you're going to receive your manifestation of anything that you want (e.g. a desired job, a partner, better health, etc.) at a timing fixed by the Universe. Let's call it Divine Timing, and let's say that that's a particular date two months from now. If you're not happy along the way to that date, your energy is not clean enough or pure-positive enough. Due to this, the Law of Attraction can only match you up to that kind of manifestation. So, if your energy is, say 8 out of 10, your manifestation will also be 8, and not 10.

When you're Happy on the way, you are reaching out to 10, and that's the kind of manifestation that the Law of Attraction will match you up to.

Let me remind you that manifestations are dynamic and this match-making that the Law of Attraction does is dynamic and on-the-fly as well.

Don't wonder if this is true. You have experienced this yourself in your life for sure, but just not realized it. Do you remember a time when you were not that happy, and then you went shopping... and didn't find even one single dress that you liked. You probably compromised and picked up something and considered your happiness in it. In the same situation, if you would have meditated before leaving the house, been listening to music for a couple of hours before you left (instead of quarrelling with your maid), you would have found a dress that you perfectly liked.

That does not mean that you eternally wait for that 10, but try to be the best of who you are. Try to create the best possible Thoughts from wherever you are. You don't need to think the best possible Thoughts available on the Internet or in any book, but the best possible Thoughts from wherever you are, and that's all that is required to give you even more than what you're asking for.

Life is a string of Happy moments, but we want to see the entire chain built before experiencing that Happiness, and that makes us unhappy. We want the full manifestation in our hands before experiencing Happiness, and that itself keeps the manifestation away, because that's how the Law of Attraction works. When you're Happy along the way, your energy is receptive to a chain of opportunities and events that ultimately lead you to your full manifestation.

The path often clarifies you of your destination
or the precision of the manifestation you truly seek.

Here's a real life example from someone's life to explain why you should be Happy along the way: There was a guy who was uneasy and uncomfortable on a Monday morning, because his job (like all other jobs in the world ) sucked. He wanted to quit it and start his own business. He stepped out to grab a cup of coffee. It was a Monday morning, and he saw a long queue in the nearest coffee shop. It was an unusually long queue from what he'd otherwise seen. He did not like the idea of standing in that queue, as he'd get late for the job. He did not get disheartened by that. He got an instinct to walk down the street to another restaurant, slightly far, but where he thought he could get the coffee more quickly. On reaching there, he grabbed his coffee and sat down having it, when a group of women came around and started discussing about general stuff with him. Today, he and one of those women are successfully running the business that he intended to. He has happily quit his job.

A few important lessons to learn from this are:
♦ to not get disheartened by wherever you are in the present phase;
♦ to follow your instinct and your inner voice each and every single time;
♦ to do what you feel likeable or happy about;
♦ to be open-minded always;
♦ to be happy along the way;

Had he got disheartened and further got depressed about his job, he would have either waited in the long queue with sadness, or not visited the other restaurant. Let me clarify - This is not co-incidence. This is how the Law of Attraction provides opportunities in disguise. This is how a chain of naturally flowing events lead you to what you want. Just remember a positive manifestation from your past, and if you try to dig into the memories, you will remember that this is exactly what had happened.

The Universe helps those who help themselves, and the only way in which you can help yourself is to Be Happy, irrespective of what's going on around.

That's why it is said, "Don't worry, be happy", because if you worry, you cannot be happy, besides, Worry does come true, as I've said in one of my Life Hacks. When you stop worrying, you automatically keep worryful things away from you.

Being Happy in your ongoing experiences
Many-a-times, it does happen that we come across experiences that surprise us or that we've not exactly expected or asked for. However, it is important to understand that every single experience (whether consciously wanted or not) is always wanted by the person experiencing it. These experiences are the manifestations of the intentions with which we come into this world (or more specifically - the present life).

Whether you like your ongoing ("unexpected") experiences or not is the second part of the story. If you like them and enjoy them, good for you. Remember that they are leading you to your ultimate manifestation even more easily. If you're not quite enjoying them, the least you can do is clarify yourself of what it is within those experiences that you'd like to see an improvement it. Introspect on what you think led you to the experience. Modify your Thoughts, Words, and Actions accordingly, and see the change. It is as simple as that.

Here's a real example from someone's life: A guy was looking for a partner, and that is all that he wanted. However, all he was meeting was folks who wanted to be his friends, nothing more. These folks were good and they were having really good and fun times, however, he kept asking, "Why am I only coming across Friends? Even though I'm enjoying with them, all I want is a partner." However, it was important for him to understand that there's a part of him that was enjoying this fun with these folks (or friends). He eventually realized that even though his search for his partner could continue in parallel, he could enjoy this aspect of his life separately as well, because it was giving him part of the fun that he was looking for as well. It was intended by him when he transitioned from the non-physical to the physical.