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When I quit my full-time IT Software Job, people conjectured many things like, "He is frustrated of IT!", or "He doesn't have any loans anymore!", or "He is starting a Business!". Some idiots also thought that I was fired. Luckily, I wasn't! And yes, while there were some negative triggers at work (I'm using a much better word 'triggers' for some of those ex-colleagues!) that made me think of "something else", I only began the new journey on a positive note. This is what I was looking for.

During that full-time job, there was a daylong seminar by a well-known Coach (let's protect the name of the innocent!) who asked the audience, "Who wants to be successful in life?" Everyone raised their hands. I was sitting in the front row and I did NOT raise my hand. He looked at me and made fun of me. Many people laughed (just as one donkey starts and others follow...), and I still kept my hands down, asking him not to force his beliefs onto me, just because I was always clear about what "success" meant. As relative as the definition may appear, "success" has only one definition, and you will learn that in this talk, if you listen closely.

If you've been working in your "industry" for more than 10 years, I would encourage you to give this talk as food for your Thoughts. Not to analyze it. Not to argue about it. Not to overthink about it. Not to criticize it, but to UNDERSTAND the message behind it.

Everything that has been spoken here and all other talks comes from a deep spiritual "knowing" about everything that IS! And with all that said, I am grateful to the IT Industry that has given me everything that I have today.

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