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Let's Celebrate

As I said in one of my Life Hacks, these Life Hacks are mostly the result of the questions that you guys have asked me over all of these years. Therefore, I believe that it is YOU who deserve a treat / gift on this achievement of mine.

Simply post a comment below, and I would like to gift two copies of a very nice book (via Flipkart) to two people who comment. Let's see who figures this game out

Gift Holders

Shikha Gupta, Rajni Salhotra


♦ This is just for fun, and these rules are subject to change at any time.
♦ This is just for fun, therefore, don't take it more seriously than necessary.
♦ Valid until Sat, 07-May-2016
♦ Two persons will be chosen randomly from the list of people who comment.
♦ I will reply to your comment below, asking you to write me a message. Please respond promptly.
♦ The method and decision to choose those two people will be wholly and solely mine and final.
♦ Preference will be given to those who have participated in my past programmes / workshops.
♦ Anybody across the world can participate.
♦ Delivery (speed / reliability) depends on Flipkart's feasibility and is out of my control.