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Becoming prosperous this Ganesh Festival

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As we humans started facing obstacles and problems in life, we started worshiping various deities, most in symbolic form at a personal level.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak reinstated the celebration of the Ganesh festival to bring unity, fun, and happiness among communities. Today, although everyone celebrates the Ganesh festival with lots of love, the focus is more on loudness, dancing and less on rituals, godliness.

Rituals emerged with the intention of bringing discipline and focus into our lives, so that we could sit at one place and not create negative thoughts at least during those moments. We were given positive words in various languages (e.g. Sanskrit), and due to the mere Belief that saying / pronouncing those words would bring goodness into our lives, goodness really came into our lives by the virtue of the law of attraction, because we highly believed in this phenomenon. It's all about Belief, you see. The law of attraction does not discern something as right or wrong. It only responds to our beliefs.

We all believe that it is Lord Ganesha who comes and removes obstacles and brings peace into our lives, but let's understand this more deeply. We and our thoughts are the creators of our problems and obstacles, and only the creator of something can destroy it. Therefore, we can consider Lord Ganesha (or, in general any other form of God that anyone else may believe in) as the inspiration for this knowledge, the understanding of the self, and the awakening towards our inner being. Ganesha is worshipped as the deity of wisdom, and as the one who blesses us with knowledge and brings good luck. However, it is us who have to work on ourselves, clear the obstacles, and bring peace, happiness, health, wealth, love, righteousness, and prosperity into our lives.

As we all know, Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant, which is one of the most sane, stable, intelligent, and strong animals on the planet, and has some features that can remind us of our inner virtues, and help us inculcate that stability, intelligence and strength within us. Humans always consider it reliable to rely on an external entity (especially a deity), who acts as our guardian, our guide and someone whom we can consider responsible for ourselves, and we lovingly devote ourselves to such a deity.

So, the Ganesh Festival is a great festival, and I personally believe it is a more spiritual festival than a religious festival, and if celebrated with the right understanding, it can truly bring all that we desire into our lives. Let us celebrate it with even more external joy and enthusiasm. Let us dance, play music, share eatables, and do all the rituals, but at the same time, let us also continuously work on correcting ourselves wherever required. That is what will bring good luck into our lives.