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Are You Being Arrogant On Your Spiritual Journey?

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Superiority Complex is a defense mechanism that is developed by an individual just to conceal or hide one's inferiority complex. But, a complex is a complex, and it is not a positive sign. A superiority complex is as negative (if not more) as an inferiority complex. Now, these are purely spiritual terms that I am referring to here - not scientific researches or studies. In inferiority complex, you're at least closed down and with your own self. When feeling superior to others, you cause unseen and subtle harm to yourself and to others. It is, therefore, more detrimental to have a superiority complex than having an inferiority complex.

Many people develop superiority complex after beginning to realize these spiritual truths of life. They consider themselves "higher" than the rest of the world. They stop touching elders' feet; stop eating food cooked by their family members who are not on this journey; start calling others impure, dirty and viceful, while calling the self pure, pious, and elevated; start subtly dominating those around, and calling the self - angels / deities / special children of God. They start behaving arrogantly with "impure / patit souls", and try to force their spiritual realizations onto others. Many of them even behave very badly with their parents who have devoted their entire lives for them. I've seen this happening in front of my eyes. They criticize all others, while saying that they're here to bring Paradise into this world.

In Psychology, there is a term called 'Arrogance of Clarity'. A person who develops such arrogance dominates, criticizes, or denigrates others silently or openly.

This is NOT the right spiritual path. This is clear ignorance and absolute lack of understanding. People who do this only go into depression and frustration, block themselves from well-being, and get unhappy in their lives due to a gap in understanding what Spirituality is all about. Many such souls have, in fact, got in touch with me, to fill those gaps, and are now on the right path. I take no credit for that. They desired the right knowledge, and they attracted it

A simple reason behind why people develop such Superiority Complex or Arrogance is that whoever learns something new - experiments with it, and finds desired results and clarity - begins to REALIZE the beauty of life. There's a little trap there. One who begins to realize the beauty of life also starts believing that now he knows it all, and this is due to one's limiting consciousness. One fails to realize that there's never an end to this spiritual journey or learning, besides, merely KNOWING is not enough. IMPLEMENTATION is required. It's of no use if it does not change YOU and YOUR LIFE. Knowledge is not Power until it is put to use.