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.Got my Driving License renewed in 20 minutes from RTO, Pune

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Date: Mon, 08-Feb-2016, 11:45 AM

I went to the RTO Sangamwadi's entrance, where agents asked me if I needed help. I told them that I'd get back if I needed help.

My Driving License was to be expiring in 2021, but it was the old style paper license. I wanted a card, so I went ahead and got it renewed with change in my address on the license.

1. I downloaded and filled in all the forms (License Renewal & Physical Fitness) from RTO Pune's official website and pasted my photo as well.
2. A few steps ahead, and I asked an agent where I'd get the Medical Form. He took me to a woman sitting in the Parking Lot, with her own table.
3. She told me that what I'd filled was the correct Physical Fitness form, and what she gave me was a Medical Certificate (not sure if it was compulsory for me. I was 34 at the time of renewing my license). She charged me Rs. 150/- When I asked her why so high (telling her that I heard that one gets it in Rs. 30-40), she said that since it's an MBBS Doctor's Certificate, it does not cost 30-40. I didn't argue.
4. Right there was a staircase going up to a Block (C? forgot), where in a hall, there were bank-like counters. It was clearly mentioned there to get the amount written on the forms for License Renewal. I had the requirement to change my address, where the officer said to me, "Baalaa, address change saathi Adhar Card pan lagel" (translated to: Dear one, you will also need an Adhar Card's copy for changing your address). I was humbled to hear the words "baalaa" for myself in a Government Office. He was a sweet soul. He was saying that to almost everyone. I told him that I'd attach it while submitting the fees.
5. Then I asked a couple of people where the Block 'B' was for submitting the fees and getting the biometrics recorded. Went inside Block 'A', inside which was Block 'B'. Submitted Rs. 363/- (got 7 rupees change!), and he directed me to the adjacent room for getting myself clicked.
6. The lady took my photo and thumb's impression. Unfortunately I was bald at the time of getting my photo clicked. Now, it's going to embarrass me for the rest of my life! She confirmed my name, and told me to keep the receipt with me, and that the Driving License would reach my house by post in a month's time.

All of this took only 20 minutes without an agent. I went there at 11:45 AM, and was out at 12:15 PM

Parking Problem: The Car Parking was full at RTO when I reached, so I went a bit ahead, and took the first left turn (the road to the Hindu cremation ground, smashaan), and parked near the college's gate, and thankfully the car was there when I went back!

I received it by post around 19th March or so. Late, but it's okay.

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