Interactions with Sagar

Interactions with Sagar.

This is where you get an opportunity to have a personal interaction with Sagar. Receive intuitive guidance, spiritual knowledge, and profound insight through 1-on-1 Session(s).

A Life Coach's support can not only guide your next steps, but also keep you company along the way. Sagar finds immense joy in individual or group coaching / motivation / training.

You can seek Sagar's help on any of these areas:

 Spiritual Development & Confusions
 Meditation for everyone
 Happiness / Motivation
 Work, Workplace, Career-related issues
 Midlife crisis
 Anger-free & Stress-free lifestyle
 Mental Health
 Emotional Intelligence
 Law of Attraction
 Parenting, Family, Relationships, Break-up(s)
 Children, Focus, Concentration, Studies
 Achieving your Goals in Life
 Health, Sexual Orientation-related issues
 Finding the right Partner
 Marriage, Problems in Marriage / Separation / Divorce
 Staying strong in hard times
 Depression, Addictions
 Wealth, Abundance, Money
 Time Management, Self Management
 Anything else that may be on your mind

100% Confidentiality Assured
Remember, nobody can change your circumstances, but you. A Life Coach is always there for you when you feel stuck in your life. However, it is only you who can and needs to create positivity in your life based on what you learn from the Life Coach. Refer for more.


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Sagar is infinitely blessed by the Universe and he is primarily doing this for the fun of it. His motive behind this work is to share those blessings, happiness and love with anyone who is looking for what he has.
Your contribution helps him in using the energy and resources in order to continue this work.

By participating, you confirm that you agree to and understand this entire Programme, its Rules, Benefits, and my Disclaimer, and that your queries, if any, are already resolved.


1. Get your programme / payment / disclaimer related queries, if any, resolved first.
2. Make the Payment (for International Payments, please check with me first).


** Mandatory **
There is NO OTHER WAY of me knowing who has made the payment and for which programme.

It is your responsibility to write me a message (Email / SMS / WhatsApp) with ALL the following details:
1. Proof of payment:
    - Paytm Transaction Number / Screenshot.
2. The email / message must also contain the following:
    - Your full name,
    - Calling mobile number,
    - WhatsApp mobile number,
    - Paytm number from which payment made,
    - Email Address,
    - Full Postal Address (with pincode),
    - Programme name, for which registered.
3. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours for further coordination.
If these details are not received within 6 hours of your payment, your registration will be nullified with no guarantee of refund due to incomplete information at my end.

Modes: Paytm / PayZapp

Please do not use any other mode of payment. It will be void!
Do inform Sagar of your Contribution, for his records.

♦ Mode # 1 - Paytm / PayZapp:
Transfer the contribution to my Paytm / PayZapp Mobile Wallet by using my number or scanning the respective QR code that appears here.
My PayZapp referral code: sagarpayz

♦ Mode # 2 - Direct Bank Transfer / Deposit:
Get in touch with Sagar for details.

Calling Options

After you make the payment and get an appointment with me, open the 'Call' tab.

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