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When you do things rightly, right things happen with you. The results are always right. This is one example of that. Made these Potato Fries exactly like Mc Donald's' French Fries - crispy and tasty.

1. Wash Potatoes & Peel them
2. Cut them into thick slices
3. Further cut the slices into finger stick / chip shapes.
TIP: Don't make them too thin.

4. Boil them in water for about 10 minutes.
TIP: Low-Medium Flame.
TIP: Add good amount of salt to that water. Add so much that you needn't add Salt while eating them.

5. After about 10 minutes, strain the chips out of the salty boiling water and let them cool down a bit.
TIP: Lay them in a plate over Tissue Paper.
TIP: Give them enough time to cool down.
TIP: At this point, they're mushy (is that the right word?) easily breakable. Handle carefully.

6. Transfer them in an air-tight bag / container and keep it in the deep freezer.
TIP: I've frozen them for just 30-40 minutes, and fried them. This seems to work for me.
TIP: I've also frozen them for 6-7 hours before frying them. This has also worked for me.
TIP: I've also frozen them for 5-6 day before frying them. This has also worked for me.
Not just for Storage purposes, but I feel that they taste a bit better when the step of freezing is added in between.

7. After freezing them, carefully take them out, and deep fry them in boiling / pre-heated oil.
TIP: Be careful when separating them from each other. They make break.
TIP: Be careful when throwing them in the heated oil. It may highly spurt / splurt.
TIP: Be Patient. It takes time for them to turn crispy and golden.
TIP: Don't burn them even slightly, as they instantly turn bitter in taste.

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