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I probably prepared such a Veggie Rice for the very first time in my life. It tasted awesome!

1. Soak 1 Cup #Rice for 20 mins (helpful step)
2. Add this to Boiling Water, and boil it
3. Add some #lemon juice to separate it well
4. Once cooked, strain out the water properly!
5. Heat oil in a Kadhai - Add finely chopped Green #Chilies, #Garlic, #Onion, Carrot, #Capsicum, Cauliflower into the Oil, and fry it for 30-40 seconds.

NOTE: You may add Green #Peas, Spring Onion Leaves too, as per your choice.
6. Add rice into this Mix
7. I added Hot n Sweet #TomatoKetchup

You may add your favorite Sauces (e.g. Chili Sauce, #Soya Sauce)
8. I added #Cashew Nuts and #Raisins, and it elevated the taste.

NOTE: Straining water out of the boiled rice is an extremely important step and needs to be done properly.

Music: Tuesday
Musician: Sascha Ende

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