Sagar | Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions

.Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions

By reading Sagar Sonker's website, watching his videos on YouTube and elsewhere, reading his emails, reading his posts on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and elsewhere, reading his comments, reading his books, participating in his Coaching Session(s) (called Interactions), Workshops (called Activities), Webinars, Seminars, or other Event(s) conducted by him, or engaging with Sagar Sonker by any other means, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the following disclaimer, as spoken or stated by Sagar Sonker in first person:

♦ My website, videos on YouTube and elsewhere, emails, posts on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and elsewhere, comments, books, Coaching Session(s) (called Interactions), Workshops (called Activities), Webinars, Seminars, or other Event(s) conducted by me may also be referred to as "Teachings" or "Programme(s)" henceforth in this Disclaimer, and anywhere else in my posts.

♦ Contents of this disclaimer are updated, revised, modified, and improved from time to time. You are expected to read thoroughly before you register to or participate in (whichever is earlier) any of my Teachings.

♦ If you do not agree with any of the contents mentioned in the disclaimer, please do NOT join any of my Programmes / Activities, and refrain from subscribing to any of my work. However, your disagreement to any of the contents of this disclaimer AFTER registering to my Programmes / Activities will NOT be entertained.

Medical, Religious, and Legal Disclaimer

01. I am a spiritually awakened person, here to share this spiritual knowledge from a non-medical, non-religious, and non-legal perspective. I am not a medical doctor, sexologist doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, lawyer (legal expert), or a religious expert of any kind.
02. My teachings are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or professional legal advice. If you have legal, medical or psychological concerns, please seek out a licensed professional or expert in the desired area.
03. I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical disorders or conditions, but rather just help people to investigate their own Thoughts and Feelings by providing spiritual instruction, advice, support, encouragement, and information.
04. I am neither qualified and nor able to provide any kind of medical or medication-related guidance or advice. Any kind of physical, or medical (or any other related) conditions must be treated by you at your own end by consultation with experts in those areas.
05. The word "counseling" (alternatively spelled as "counselling") - used in my Teachings - is not used as a medical term, but simply describes an in-depth, honest, exploratory, and confidential spiritual conversation.
06. You are expected to understand that physical, or medical (or any other related) conditions cannot be blindly ignored while walking on this spiritual path. They need to be given the attention that is due to them.
07. Many of my learners get significant emotional relief after going through my Teachings. Even though it is the experience of many learners, any existing or newly generated physical, or medical (or any other related) conditions must be taken care of you at your own end by consultation with experts in those areas.
08. My writings are purely Spiritual in nature, not religious. Nothing that I write comes from a religious point of view. It is only based on the truths of humanity, peace, unity, and love.
09. Over a period of time, I have realized that all religions are beautiful and equal. Therefore, I do not like to categorize myself into any one religion (unless it is on official documents). I am a purely spiritual being, and I believe in all religions and respect them equally.
10. If you are facing issues that need Legal attention (referred to as the Laws of the Land), you must consult expert in that area.

Sagar Sonker's Teachings

01. Your decision to engage with me, my teachings, and my work is purely your own.
02. All opinions expressed via my Teachings are purely my own. They are experienced by me, and have been immensely beneficial to me and my life. Everything comes from my own discoveries from many years of investigating my own Thoughts and Feelings, rather than from books and school teachers.
03. These teachings are shared publicly only on public demand over these years, and they have been positively benefiting lakhs of people worldwide. You can read the 'Happy Souls' section on my website to read the feedback of many happy souls I have had the pleasure of coaching.
04. As you read this website, imagine that you are shopping. Take and use only those ideas that apply to you now. You certainly do not need to "buy" everything that one says, however, keep your mind open, and give it a try. It is certainly not necessary that my writings benefit each and everyone. If you do not find anything useful, that's perfecty fine. Just skip it. Don't come back to me with the intention of arguing about it, as you'll be simply wasting your time.
05. My teachings do not pertain to or come from any spiritual organization. It's a pure blend of experience of my own, and that which I retrieve from Source.
06. I do not go around knocking the doors of people asking them to get counseled, coached, or taught by me. In other words, I am not here to change the world. As I started gaining spiritual knowledge, it was natural for me to share my perspectives of it. As I did that, I started receiving many questions from various people around the world about various areas of life. As I shared my perspectives, many people not only benefited from the answers, but it also changed their perspectives of looking at their lives and their lives got more than better. From the responses I hear, I am more than glad to know that people are benefiting from all that I offer.
07. While it is my unequivocal guarantee - based on my experience - that the Teachings provided by me will revolutionize your life positively, results vary from person to person (and this solely depends on the efforts you make - that too in the correct direction). I am flying in my life right now, and I wish the same for you.
If you are not seeing results, the reason(s) could be one or more of the following:
♦ You have not understood the Teachings correctly,
♦ You are not practicing the Teachings regularly, or
♦ You are not practicing the Teachings as you are required to.
Trust me, it has got nothing to do with your past Karma.
- While I consider it my duty to share all the knowledge that I can, with resources available to me, and help you understand, implement, and achieve the desired results in your life, it must be understood that my job is only 1%. The rest 99% of the job lies with YOU. A Mentor is always there for you when you feel stuck in your life. However, it is only you who needs to create positivity in your life based on what you learn from the Mentor.
- The manifestational results will be wholly and solely dependent upon the Emotional / Vibrational / Energy / Mental work done by YOU. Therefore, I can not and do not take the responsibility of or make guarantees for your manifestations or their timing or accuracy or precision. Remember, nobody can change your circumstances, but you. Only you know yourself the best, and nobody else. I am only here to help YOU create solutions based on what you share with me. There is not one fixed formula for a happy life, and that the approach / interaction varies from person to person, simply because everyone's circumstances and life experiences are unique.
- At this point, you must also go through the details and precautions mentioned under the sections Mind Exercises and Meditation on my website.
08. My material, Workshops (called Activities), Interactions, Writings, and Posts are meant to trigger and challenge old Beliefs, Thought Patterns, and to correct them wherever necessary. This can, sometimes, get emotionally challenging, painful, or uncomfortable. If you think you are weak and you cannot handle your own deeply hidden negativity (or your suppressed dark side, which actually needs to be permanently eradicated), you should NOT participate in any of my programmes. Simply stay away, and enjoy living life the way you are / were.
09. My motive is not to promote or denigrate any spiritual organization, sector, or group. Any statement(s) appearing opposite to the teachings of any spiritual organization in the world are purely coincidental, and such statements come with the sole intention of promoting the right spiritual knowledge. Preaching is not the motive, but promoting is. With that said, please note that I am not surrendered to any spiritual organization, and neither intend to do so in the future. To clarify - I neither intend to start any group, organization or "herd" of my own by gathering followers or doing anything towards that. I just share the knowledge and counsel or coach at my personal level, only on public demand, and just because I believe that "sharing" is a skill gifted to me. I am only doing this for the fun of it. I am not doing this on behalf of or against any spiritual organization. To add - I have my own life, dreams, visions, goals, and desires in life, and I am happy to be on my own personal path.
10. I may choose not to provide my guidance / responses to certain people (examples below) without justification:
- People who come with nasty intentions,
- People who only argue at shallow levels without putting in efforts,
- People who simply bombard me with queries that I may find irrelevant.
11. I avoid answering personal questions (about my life), because people tend to get influenced, when, on the other hand - if they don't benchmark their lives with me or my life - they can achieve much more precise and specific results for themselves in their personal life. My aim in life is to create all that 'I' want in 'my life', and what I desire in life may be absolutely useless to another human being. Fortunately or unfortunately, people expect me (Sagar Sonker) to be perfect. Such people demonstrate how they're missing the whole point.
12. We all are originally spiritual beings, however, not all of us (humans) are awakened to this truth. Therefore, whenever you read or hear the words "non-spiritual people" in my writings or talks, it only refers to people who are not awakened to their original identity. It is not to say that in a denigrating way, as it may sound to a few (because of the way people look at life).
13. While I take the best care in my writings to cater to a variety of people and write in a manner as generic as possible, I, sometimes, come across people who misread the words, take them personally or offensively, and start rebelling against or squalling at me. It happens quite often when I use the word 'you', which is a very native-English style.
- This probably happens due to lack of proper comprehension skills, lack of the English Grammar knowledge or lack of reading patiently in between the lines and extracting the real essence, message, or intention. There could be other reasons as well, although the core reason is the result of all the negativity that one may have unfortunately faced in life, leading to a negative perspective of looking at me or my Teachings or this knowledge, in general. While this behavior is completely understood by me, I simply cannot do anything about it. In my hands it is to write in the best possible ways, avoid verbosity, improve my verbiage and change my style, and that's all I can and would do.
- Sometimes people unfriend me on Facebook and, while I ain't here to build animosity, it is beyond my scope, ability, and interest to please everyone.
14. Feel FREE to share this content on your Facebook Profile(s), Page(s), or embed it on your Website(s), or download it to your desktop for your collection or print or Pin it or use it as a Display / Profile picture over Messaging Apps (like WhatsApp / Hike / etc.). Permission to disseminate this content in any form or format is granted so long as it is distributed in whole, without addition, subtraction, modification, or editing of any kind, and so long as it is distributed without charge.
15. I usually Unfollow people who regularly share negative (as interpreted by me) posts on their walls (for example, about the bad things happening in the world, in society, criticizing the government, etc.). So, it is possible that someone may post something (positive or not-positive) on their wall, and I may post something which is an idea opposite to theirs. It may appear that I am criticizing or opposing their post. However, please note that that's not the intention, whatsoever. It's only a co-incidence, because their posts are simply invisible to me.
16. While 99.99% people benefit from what I share, I do have 0.1% detractors as well, and that is understandable. My advice to my detractors is to not waste their time and energy, because I am really not interested in arguments of any nature.
- I like to give this analogy: You wouldn't enter into a random person's house and start telling him how dirty his house is. If you do, it indicates that you aren't happy in your own house and that you have nothing better to do in your life. That person is happy with his house and it suits him. Similarly, if your views do not match with anything that's written on this website, you are not being compelled to believe in it. Be happy in your own house and do not indulge into 'parchintan' (i.e. thinking about someone else's thoughts / words / actions / flaws) as it will be detrimental only to you. There's really no point in you wasting your time trying to prove how "wrong" I am, because I'm happy on my track, and that's only what matters to me. I'm never going to change for you. Therefore, you don't need to hate. Just ignore and stay away.
17. Everyone receives equal treatment in all my programmes. Even if you are biologically related to me (by the family tree) or a close friend or any other close relationship, you will be treated like every other participant, and will NOT be given any extra / lower privileges, benefits or consideration. This may be about paying the fees or my approach towards you. I am very strict about this rule, which is only meant to maintain a fair environment.
18. Wherever you find links on my website pointing to external websites, note that those are only reference links that I have found somewhat useful to me. I do NOT endorse or certify them and I have NOT verified or validated the information contained therein. Always refer the latest official sources for more accurate information.
19. If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with something that is being shared by me, my recommendation to you is to Unfollow / Unlike the source and follow your own Life / Spiritual Journey, instead of finding faults or flaws in my posts. Just ignore, don't hate.
- Nasty / Negative / Opposing (as interpreted by me) comments by anyone on my Profile / Page(s) / Website will not be tolerated. They will be treated, marked, and reported as Spam, and will be ruthlessly ignored and removed. While I understand that you have an opinion, I don't think it's wise or fair that you "pull" my posts towards you and then criticize them on my face, when there is an easier way to ignore them and keep focused on your own journey.
- However, I do understand that there are some "frustrated and unfocused souls" moving around trying to find faults in others, and who enjoy spreading negativity and passing thoughtless, silly, and stupid comments on others, forgetting where their focus should be. Such people end up in destroying their own image / identity. They're like those monkeys who have been given keyboards to type, and they have zero value or weightage in my life. I mercilessly report them to Facebook (or other respective social media) under the category of Annoyance. If it repeats, I use the category Cyber Bullying / Harassment. I usually don't like to "keep" nasty comments lingering on my posts. My advice to such souls is to vent out their frustration and spread their negativity on other pages / places.
- I understand that you have your opinions, beliefs, and understanding, but it is not right / fair / sane to join my programmes to oppose them. You join my programmes to learn from them. If anybody is found spreading negativity in any form, or deliberately not following the Teachings properly, the person will be first warned. If he / she repeats such behavior, he / she will forfeit his / her participation in my ongoing programme(s). Any more negativity and the person will be banned from all my future programme(s). Other rules applicable as well.
20. Purchase once made for my Material / Coaching / Workshops / Activities / Counselling sessions will not be refunded under any circumstances, unless under the circumstances stated under those specific pages.


01. Please make sure that my email address is added to your Contacts list. It is, otherwise, possible that my email(s) may be directed to your Junk / Spam folders.
02. Technical issues faced by you during registrations or during the Activities are out of my control (e.g. you being unable to make the registration or pay fees through the available options or failed payments due to issues at the payment gateway's end, or your inaccessibility to the Activity for any reason, etc.) should be handled by you at your own end.

Coaching by Sagar Sonker

01. Coaching with me is done via on-demand Interactions, completely driven by you i.e. only if / when you wish to Interact with me. You are supposed to be proactive. If you miss out an Interaction, you simply miss it out.
02. Prior appointment mandatory.
03. A particular person can have a maximum of only one Interaction with me per day. Maximum duration of each Interaction is 60 minutes. There is no Minimum duration for each Interaction.
04. Modes of Interaction are only those mentioned under the Call tab of my Interactions programme. No other mode acceptable.
05. In case of connectivity issues at my end (beyond our control) on the decided date(s), the time-slots will be re-scheduled. If an Interaction is abruptly terminated due to connectivity issues, the remaining time duration will be re-scheduled to a later date / time, if immediate connectivity thereafter is not possible.

Gifts, Souvenirs, Perks from Sagar

01. All gifts, souvenirs, or perks offered by Sagar to those who participate in his Activities, Contests, or other Callings, are purchased by him through his own pocket. Contributions made by participants certainly helps in this.
02. This is only a way of Sagar sharing his love with you, and it should not be considered as ANYTHING ELSE.
03. Sagar loves to GIVE and he never hesitates or restricts himself when giving. Your Contribution towards his work immensely helps him in this.
04. There are always rules and specific conditions that are set in place while deciding whom to share the gifts with.

Activity Decorum and Rules

♦ I like to term all my programmes as Activities, because they all require active participation by the attendees. Following rules apply to every single Activity conducted by me.

An Activity contains one or more Exercise(s).

01. Implicit rules are implied i.e. for a WhatsApp-based Activity, you must have a mobile phone that supports WhatsApp and access it as and when required, and for Email-based Activities, you must have an email account, and access it as and when required.
02. Activities may also require you to access my website, YouTube videos, record / play your own voice / video. Even though none of this is mandatory, it is necessary for your active involvement in my Activities.
03. Queries that are not related / relevant to the Activity will not be responded to. Please make use of my Interactions programme for the same. You can enroll into my Interactions programme while an Activity is in progress as well.
04. Registrations received with improper / incomplete details or via any means other than those mentioned under the Payment Details will be disregarded and the fees forfeited.
05. Registrations are welcomed even AFTER the last date, that is, after an Activity begins, however, the later you register, the more exercises you miss. It is NOT feasible / possible to re-send the Completed / Missed Exercises to late entrants.
06. The medium in which the Activity is conducted will not be changed for an individual. Exercises missed out as a result of one's inaccessibility to an Activity for any reason(s) will be missed out and not be re-sent.
07. No chatting or message forwarding allowed on my WhatsApp Groups. These are focused Groups, and forwarding irrelevant or negative content / news not only spams the Group, but also distracts participants. You are only allowed to share positive manifestations of your life that occur during the ongoing batches. Promotional messages / forwards / advertises sent by me are an exception to this. I am allowed to do / share anything on my Groups.
08. Sharing any information that contains negative energy / verbiage on my Groups (e.g. your inability to perform something - for any reason, or your disagreement with anything shared, or expressing your difficulty to do something, or finding faults in an Activity or its participants, or anything else that may not be mentioned here) spreads negativity to everyone around, introduces undesired resistance in your own and everybody else's energy. Do NOT share your negativity with other participants. Anybody doing so will instantly forfeit his / her participation.
09. You are expected to be meticulous, punctual, and careful in understanding the Exercises and performing them well. At the same time (in case of Group Activities), it is expected of you to only focus on your Exercises first, and then optionally appreciate others' work.
10. If you fail to understand or agree with an Exercise, simply skip it.
11. Do all that you can based on all the detailed material / information that is available. It is impractical and impossible for me to explain the modules / exercises again. Perform Exercises based on your best understanding, for which you may want to listen / read the material / information more than once. For technical queries around the format of any Activity, feel free to contact me anytime. Do NOT ask me for (what I call) Surrogate Thoughts. You are supposed to brainstorm and write back YOUR OWN Thoughts to me as results / output / reports. If I give you positive Thoughts, you will not own them. The best thing about my Activities is that YOU have to brainstorm and think through. You have to give birth to those Thoughts in your own mind. That's when you will OWN them. I can only give you positive Thoughts as part of my Interactions programme, and not as part of any Activity.
12. If an Activity is not applicable to you (or if it does not make sense to you in any way - even after getting it clarified from me), you are free to modify it to suit you at your own responsibility. I neither take the responsibility, nor can I guide you in the modified Exercise.
13. The purpose of my Activities is only to get introduced to the Tools and Techniques - NOT necessarily to resolve ongoing issue(s) while the Activity(ies) is / are in progress (though this is absolutely possible as well). Therefore, do not pick up tough challenges for yourself while performing the given Tools / Techniques. Use simple experiences from your life to study the Tools / Techniques, which you will use for the rest of your life to apply to tougher situations later. Give your best. Try and retry and - most importantly - enjoy as hard as you can.
14. Make sure that you are in a position to devote the time when you enroll for an Activity. Let the dates not conflict with the events of your life that may cause your inability to participate. Unless in case of unavoidable situations, for example, your travel / your marriage / anything else that's super-important to you, make sure that you still participate actively. The End Date / Exercise Date(s) cannot be pushed further (i.e. postponed) under any circumstances, unless except there is something at my end, for which I do the same. Discipline is an integral part of my work and pre-defining rules and rigorously following them is an inherent part of that.
15. If you want an exception or extension for any Exercise, it is your responsibility to inform me using any means possible. Anything that comes after the deadline will be disregarded. For example: During a Workshop, if your Internet connection stops working and you would like to have an exception for an ongoing Exercise, you are expected to email / SMS / call me up and ask for the same. Exceptions are granted only for genuine reasons, and the choice is completely mine. No arguments will be entertained around that. Discipline is an integral part of my work and pre-defining rules and rigorously following them is an inherent part of that.
16. Everyone will be called by their first names for a friendly environment. Please do not mind it.
17. While I encourage all participants to participate actively in my Activities / Programme(s), it is not my job to follow-up or run behind anyone to perform or produce results. Remember, this work is for YOU. You are expected to make the best of it.
18. Those who voluntarily quit my Programmes will neither be followed-up with, nor be re-added, unless they have informed me in prior of their quitting.
19. Some rules, decisions, assumptions, preferences, etc. that are made by me during the Activity may not necessarily appear on this page. Some basic Rules mentioned on this page are subject to change at any time, as per the Activity's requirements. These are the best decisions that I make in the Activity's favor. In such a case, my decision(s) will be final. No arguments will be entertained around that.

WhatsApp-based Activities.

01. While emails are BCC'd to participants, in case of WhatsApp-based Workshops, please remember that your mobile phone number is visible to everyone, and at the same time, please be sensitive towards others' mobile phone numbers. What happens outside of this Activity's WhatsApp Group is neither under my control nor my responsibility.
02. Only one WhatsApp mobile number per participant will be added. Changes in the number should be informed to me. However, not too many changes can be entertained, to avoid inconvenience to me.
03. Those who voluntarily leave my WhatsApp Groups will neither be followed-up with, nor be re-added, unless they have informed me in prior of their exit.
04. Please send consolidated replies / messages, instead of individual replies / appreciation to each and every message. Remember, every message that you send is being pushed to all the WhatsApp Group participants and creating sound / light notifications on each person's mobile phone! This may cause inconvenience and distraction to others. Try to optimise and send minimum messages, replies, and appreciation. This is NOT a typical WhatsApp Group.

Life Improvement (email-based) Course.

This course is now available FREE of cost at


01. You must earn a minimum number of points OR complete the mandatory activities or modules (varies from Activity to Activity) to get an e-Appreciation at the end of the Activity from me.
02. Sample e-Appreciations appear in each Activity's details. If you cannot find one, please message me.
03. An e-Appreciation is my way of appreciating you and your participation in my overall Activity. It is not necessarily a Certification.
04. The e-Appreciation is a high resolution PNG Image File.
05. Registering to the Activity does NOT guarantee an e-Appreciation.
06. Overall participation, Timeliness, Creativity, Detailing, Enthusiasm are the few (if not all) parameters considered for your eligibility for the e-Appreciation.
07. The discretion of creating an e-Appreciation for you solely lies with me, based on some or more of the parameters mentioned previously.
08. For the Life Improvement Course, you will receive the e-Appreciation of Completion only if you successfully complete the course within 30 days. If not, you will only receive an e-Appreciation of Participation.
09. Feel FREE to share this e-Appreciation on any Social Media / Platform, or print it, frame it and flaunt about it.
10. If an e-Appreciation is being given based on your comment on my website (via a Facebook comment box), your Facebook's Display Name (as seen at the time of preparing the e-Appreciation) will be used for the same (with no change entertained), and you will be eligible only if you provide all the details asked.


01. I am infinitely blessed by the Universe. My motive behind all of this (hard) work is to share those blessings, and share my happiness and love with anyone who is looking for what I have. Fees are only charged for the energy and resources that I spend while doing this work. I am primarily doing this for the fun of it.
02. It is not only my experience, but also an important Law of Energy that the more you run behind money, money runs even faster away from you. Therefore, money is only charged so that the participants value this work, and not just linger around out of mere curiosity.
03. Fees are now termed as Contribution, and it is completely voluntary on your part. For specific Activities that require a lot of preparation from my end, a minimum Contribution is expected from you, and that can still be termed as Fees.
04. Fees / Contribution will NOT be refunded to you in the event of your withdrawal from my Programme(s) / Activity(ies) for any reason. Fees / Contribution will also NOT be refunded to you in the event of your removal from my Programme(s) / Activity(ies) for misbehavior of any kind. Full Fees / Contribution will be refunded to you in the event of my complete inability (despite re-scheduling) to conduct a Programme / an Activity for any reason.
05. For Activities where a minimum Contribution is expected, I do not allow anyone to attend the Programme / Activity without them having paid the Fees / Contribution in full. However, in some exceptional cases, in case I have discussed with you and accepted your Fees / Contribution in installments, full Fees / Contribution needs to be paid by you before the stipulated / fixed time-duration, failing which, you will be disallowed from attending the Programme / Activity thereafter. This is not about Money, but for being Fair with all other participants.

Confidentiality & Privacy

01. You are NOT allowed to share / forward ANY text / activity / audio / image / message ( / or anything else) from my Activity(ies) (i.e. all that you receive as part of my Activity(ies)) with anybody in any form, ever. This is to maintain the sanctity of the Activity(ies) / Programmes and my work. Ask people to join my Activity(ies) themselves and take the benefit that is offered. A lot of hard work goes into these Activities and creation of Materials from my side, and you are expected to respect the hard work.
02. You are also NOT allowed to share / upload / duplicate / copy my Coaching (Interaction) talks in any form whatsoever. My discovery of you doing so will lead to your immediate suspension from all my ongoing / upcoming Programme(s).
03. On the contrary, I MAY share some of my talks for everyone's benefit in any format I decide. Reference to you / your name / voice will be completely removed if I share my talk. This is unless except your permission is sought in advance about keeping reference to you. Once your name appears, it is impossible to remove the same.
04. Your Confidentiality is 100% assured to all my programs (Activities / Counselling / Coaching, etc.) - to the level that a discussion with you will not even be disclosed to your spouse / siblings / parents / family (or anybody else, for that matter) from my side. This is, obviously, unless if you choose to provide a feedback on my Programme(s) with your name, which is highly appreciated, and in which case, your name will be publicly visible on my website and Social Media.
05. You are expected to understand that information that is transmitted electronically (i.e. Email, Skype, dropbox, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.) contains the risk of a security breach and losing confidentiality, and that is beyond my control.
06. Any feedback provided by you on my website / social media is your way of allowing me to duplicate it any number of times anywhere else on / off the Internet.

♦ Anybody found violating any of these rules will be first warned, reminded of these rules, and if he / she argues or repeats the violation, he / she will be removed without any notice, banned, or suspended from all my ongoing / upcoming Programme(s). Fees paid, if any, will be forfeited.