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Dil Loye Loye....

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There's a long story behind this song, and I feel like sharing it.

Back in 1997, when this movie was released, Madhuri Dixit was at her peak. I used to go to a particular store and buy a Music Cassette of every movie of hers. I bought this one at Rs. 28/-, which was quite expensive for me then. It had a blue colored plastic cover, and 3 Songs, each on Side A and Side B. I did NOT know at all that there was a song called 'Dil Loye Loye' in the movie, until I watched the movie. Came back home, and discovered (to my disappointment) that the song wasn't there on the Cassette.

I found and listened to that song only later, when Computers and Internet came around. It is one of my Top 10 favorite songs of Madhuri Dixit (if you check on bit.ly/madhuritop10). Today, after 21 years (September, 2018), to be able to perform on that very song gives me the happiness that I cannot describe in words. Here's for you to enjoy it.

Of course, this is my version, in my style, some are my steps, and some steps modified.

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