Contribute towards Sagar's work

Contribute to Sagar's work.

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Sagar is infinitely blessed by the Universe and he is primarily doing this for the fun of it. His motive behind this work is to share those blessings, happiness and love with anyone who is looking for what he has.
Your contribution helps him in using the energy and resources in order to continue this work.

Steps to Contribute

Please do not use any other mode of payment. It will be void!
Sending the Payment Proof to Sagar is mandatory.

♦ Mode # 1 - Paytm / PayZapp:
Transfer the contribution to my Paytm / PayZapp Mobile Wallet by using my number or scanning the respective QR code that appears here.
My PayZapp referral code: sagarpayz

♦ Mode # 2 - Direct Bank Transfer / Deposit:
Get in touch with Sagar for details.


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