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Your Powers.

These are the eight abilities hidden within you. As recited in the Bhagavad Gita, these were the eight powers that human beings inculcated into themselves to become deities.

This is not a revelation. This is truth that was always true. God was always here! It is only being realized now.

That we are disconnected from God,
and that we need to reconnect
is the biggest misunderstanding of humans.

God was and is always connected with you.

You got to remember and realize your powers right now, and make your life beautiful. It is not any one particular type of meditation that can remind you of these powers. You can choose to adopt any meditation method in this world to do so and the law of attraction will help you in this. In fact, these powers are already present within you. You only need to habituate yourself of remembering them on a regular basis (especially when required), and strengthen your thinking patterns, which is how you will naturally bring them more and more into your lifestyle.

Maa Durga, the deity, can be considered as the symbolic form having all of these eight powers. This is the relevance of celebrating Navratri in India.

You may say that Navratri has 9 days, and these powers are 8 (ashtashakti), so what is that 9th factor? This is the root power from which all the other powers emerge. Unless and until you realize this first power, you cannot realize the others. It is your POWER TO FOCUS & CREATE what you desire in life.

Once you realize that you're the non-physical energy that creates anything and everything physical in this world, you also realize that you have the ability to Focus on, Pick-and-Choose, selectively sift, and Create whatever it is that you desire. This does not happen automatically. For these Powers to be practically usable, we (humans) must seek this knowledge, recognize it, realize it, and demonstrate it for ourselves in our own day to day lives.

Power means Ability. Ability means Power. Once you understand the law of attraction and how you can apply it to get whatever you desire in life (then it could be a Peaceful Life, or 1 Crore rupees, or a Perfect Partner, or a Palace for yourself, or building a beautiful sexy body), you actually do not need to read anything after this line on this page. These are only 8 different ways of explaning the same thing.


Detachment is one of the most hated concepts. Many people think that entering a Spiritual Lifestyle means going away from everyone and everything, leaving the house, stop having sex, stop loving your partner, and they term that as Detachment, but that's NOT what Detachment is all about.

A bird's-eye view is an elevated view of an object from above, with a perspective as though the observer were a bird, often used in the making of blueprints, floor plans and maps. This analogy can be used for looking at life from a long-term and comprehensive perspective, instead of looking at life from a limited and narrow-minded perspective. This can happen when you fly in your life, and not get stuck in limiting consciousnesses of what those around you are doing, but focus on your own life.

This gives you an opportunity to look at the possible outcomes or possible repercussions of the path you've chosen for yourself.

You are born in this physical world to have relationships, interact with people, and live your life wonderfully. Therefore, this is not to withdraw or detach from people or situations, but from their positive / negative influence on you. Did I write "positive influence" too? Yes, I did, because that then becomes even more Unconditional, about which you will read around this section. Wherever possible, avoid being amongst people you know are negative. Create and use a shield of positive energy around you.

Detach from the situation i.e. look at it from a long-term, overall perspective, give it a new angle, and you will be able to look at it in its right viewpoint. Look at a situation like an audience, from a high-level, sit on the seat of your non-physicalness, remember that you are the creator of your own life and that you can change your life within a second, you will automatically want to be detached from the unwanted influence.

You can find the Exit of a maze more easily when you look at it from the top, than when you're inside it.


Wind up your old beliefs and thought patterns. Peel them off. Let your past unpleasant memories fade away.

Create the Thoughts and Energy for all that you desire in life NOW (then anything you desire is always right for you. It will only evolve, and you will get more and more clear about it as your life progresses.) Remember that even wanting to be Peaceful is a desire in itself. You're not born to 'not have desires'.

Trust that all that you desire is coming to you, and Let Go. Let go, not of the lover, or the money, or the job, but the obsession and the running behind of it. Once you understand that merely changing your Thoughts can change your life, you would actually want to let go of the garbage from your mind.

Examples: Trust that that annoying person will change the next time you meet him / her and let go of a tempting argument. Trust that the next time you go shopping, you will get a higher discount, and let go of the shopping greed. Trust that the right partner will walk into your life, and let go of the wrong one. Trust that you will get a better job by positively applying to new jobs, and let go of the frustration associated with your present job.

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It is not tolerance if you're affected by an external stimulus and merely suppressing the anger / resentment / volcano within yourself without expressing it externally. If you feel disturbed, somewhere, you are close-minded.

To tolerate means to remain unaffected within, and one who is stable within automatically displays stability outside as well. It is said that one should be like a fruit-bearing tree - even if people throw stones at you, you have to give back fruits to them, even if people defame you, throw imaginary flowers at them. These are the qualities of a mother, who loves her children unconditionally. That's not suffering, but a sign of open-mindedness

This sounds like Humility, but let's understand that Humility is not something that one would merely display externally. It naturally comes from within. Therefore, instead of working on being humble, correct your Beliefs wherever necessary, and open up and widen your mind as much as possible. My website and Life Hacks are all created with the same intention - of helping you with that.

But why should you do this? "Why me?", "Why am only I supposed to change?" are the questions that we generally have. The answer is - Not to show how good you are, or to prove anything to the world, or because God wants you to do it, or because you're obligated to do it, or because if you don't do it you'll decay in hell or defame God. You should remain unaffected just so that your Energy is not affected or polluted, and that your line of creation is clear. This should be a good-enough motivation, isn't it?

Remember, this does not mean being stupid or foolish. It's being smart enough to not let your life be driven by someone else's Thoughts, Words, or Actions. And even if this sounds selfish, it's not. It's self-empowerment and self-focus through which you can empower those around you.


We already do this as per our convenience, don't we? Just that now that we're on this journey of awakening, it'd be nice if we can do this more often and more unconditionally - even during those times when Adjusting or Accepting seems a bit tough.

A river changes its course according to the land without complaining. Doesn't mean 'Giving In' or even 'Giving Up', but it means molding smartly. Like air and water that take the shape of their container, one should be able to smartly adjust with people and situations around. Take things lightly, Laugh at negative circumstances, know that you are a more powerful creator than what's going on around you. Know that you have created this situation because of your past Thoughts and Vibrations and that you can change it right now by creating new Thoughts and contributing them to your Vibrations. That's an excellent motivation for Adjusting and Acceptance.

It is only then that you can be peaceful about where you are in life right now, and take your life further from there after acknowledging and clearly seeing your manifestations in your present life. When you're in the mode of cribbing, you will never be able to look at your life in the perspective of being able to create your own present reality. If your thoughts remain adamant, your life will also remain rock solid, and won't improve.

Acceptance comes more easily when you're content with your own life. Then you don't need to "work" on adjusting or 'accepting with justifications'.


Being able to separate out good from bad, right from wrong, and positive from negative smartly without being judgmental is an important quality any human being should have. Others are right in their own ways, and they have the equal freedom of Thoughts that you do. Therefore, you do not need to judge / label anybody. This is just about judging for yourself.

It is important to check whether one's Thoughts, Words, and Actions are right or wrong / suitable or not suitable for the self. How exactly will you know if your Thoughts, Words, and Actions are right? Just look at your life right now. Are you happy with what you're receiving? If yes, you're on the right track towards what you desire. If not, all you got to do is change your Thoughts and Feelings, wherever required. Remember that this is the power to discern what's right / wrong for YOU, not for the world.

There are many spiritual and non-spiritual organizations across the world interpreting life in a million ways, and each one of them is saying that their interpretation is the most correct, best, and are true Godly words. Power to discern helps YOU (as an individual) identify the real message from the real God, and to be able to leave everything else out of the picture. You do not need to criticize anybody, but you have the ability to find out what the truth is.


Being able to find what is right for you without getting confused is supposed to be a very natural process of life, like a jeweler who is able to understand the clear difference between a pure stone and an impure stone without being influenced by it. Constant development is an important motive to have in one's life. Although there is no ending to this, and one can ever reach the stage of "perfection", you can always reach your maximum potential of improvement. You can fully realize your inner strengths, and live as originally as you are. Judging your own strengths and weaknesses and working on them requires power, and that comes with the understanding of how the creation process happens. At the same time, only having the knowledge is not empowering. Applying the knowledge is what gives you Power.

Once you understand that you're the creator of your life, and that it's the law of attraction that is the basis of everything that is going on in your life, it's very easy for you to decide and pick and choose what you want in your life.

Remember, judge what's right for you and what's not. Judging does not mean criticizing what's right / wrong around you. It's because of such a habit that we are often unable to make the right choices / decisions for ourselves. We are too entangled in what others think about us, what others should and should not think about us, and so on and so forth. You would never go inside a random person's house and stand there finding flaws in it. If you do that, it indicates that YOU lack wisdom. That random person is happy in his own house. Your job in life is to be happy in your own house. The very first rule of spirituality is "What others do with their Thoughts is none of my business", but what if something really really wrong is happening in front of you? Well, read further, you'll get the answer.


Facing the Unwanted is NOT the same as Confronting. It does not mean involving yourself into a situation that you perceive as wrong. If one person is murdering another, it would be foolish of you to involve in that scene and teach "the importance of a stable mind" to the murderer. He'll kill you!

In another situation - If anybody is facing something in their lives, no matter how close they are to you, they are facing it only by the virtue of their own Thoughts and Energy. You can be of no help to them, if you dive into their problems before being on your correct path first. Unless and until your Thoughts, Words, and Actions are those of stability, you cannot do anything for anybody else - neither guide them.

Being able to strongly stand any adverse or untoward situation, no matter what it is, not just externally, but also being stable in the mind is what this power is about. This can happen when one faces his / her own weaknesses and not let them grow. Once you understand that you're the creator of your life, and that it's the law of attraction that is the basis of everything that is going on in your life, you know that what's happening is only temporary and it is your creation, and whatever is your creation can be changed by you (no one else, but you).

In short, the ability or power to face something that is unwanted by you is to check if that's troubling you. If it is, face / correct your own Thoughts / Beliefs / Perceptions towards it, and clean up your Energy / Vibrations, and leave the rest to the Law of Attraction. It will all be sorted out. This is, in fact, an opportunity for you to clarify yourself of what you WANT, rather than cribbing and complaining about what you're seeing. Those are two different energies - one of problems (negativity) and another of solutions (positivity).

Easier said than done, I know, but that's all that is in one's control.

Example-1: On a Casual Coffee Date with a guy, if you notice that he's unfocused, don't come back home disheartened about "why are guys unfocused!". Instead, come back home, and write down in your diary, "I'd like to meet up with guys who are focused and attentive." and see the magic of the Law of Attraction.

Example-2: After failing nine job interviews, don't lose hope or give up. Instead, ask yourself, "What is this teaching me? What can I do better? Am I really made for a 9-5 culture, or should I start my new business?"


Being understanding and giving is what brings richness and abundance. That's how the laws of the universe work. Giving not just materialistic. Giving others' perspective equal importance. Knowing that difference in opinions is the beauty of this world. When one develops all the above powers or abilities, cooperation comes naturally to such a soul, and to the one who cooperates with everyone, is pure from within, contented, giving; the law of attraction brings wealth in the form of abundance and money as well. Wealth or Abundance is not just about money, and you know that

We are not here to compete with one another. We are here to enjoy our own lives, and on the way, the least way of cooperating with others is to not cause others harm.

One who is of this nature is always rich. Examples from Bollywood and other Industries are in front of you.

To IGNORE the unwanted does not require POWER as such, but you can call Power to Focus (on the wanted) as the Power to Ignore (the unwanted).

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