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Aquick recap - it is now clear that the Law of Attraction works at the level of energy or consciousness i.e. thoughts and feelings. YOU are the soul / energy that thinks and feels. Words and actions are outer aspects, and it cannot be denied that the law works at that level too to some extent. However, majority of what's going on our lives is by the virtue of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and vibrations i.e. the package of all the content within the soul.

Have you ever experienced that when you step out of the house in a bad mood (or even an ordinary mood), your experiences are below-average or negative? That's because, what the soul carries, it receives.

The Catch with Repetition

An important aspect to the law of attraction is the CLARITY or PURITY in one's thought that attracts a desired result precisely. Not a Repetitive, Forced, or Adamant Thought. So, even if you naturally think ONCE of something you REALLY REALLY like, and leave it at there, that's a pure thought. That pure Thought manifests seamlessly, effortlessly, and accurately, and gives you a Satisfying Version of your Manifestation. You, then, recollect the times when you Thought about it first. This is exactly how intuitions work.

An Intuition is nothing but a 100% Pure Thought.

The catch with repetition is that it is highly possible that you are repeating it because you are missing your desire very much. And if "missing" is what your active consciousness is, the law of attraction will respond to you with situations that make you miss your desire even more. As you may have guessed it right by now, the law of attraction works at the level of those secret, hidden thoughts that you know but (on a light note) you are hiding from the outside world. My question to you is - Why would you re-think and re-think about your desire if you're confident and sure that it's going to come true? It's the lack of confidence and incorrect beliefs that makes one repeatedly think about a desire.

There are two ways people repeatedly think about their desires. One is very natural and effortless, from a place of confidence and knowing that it will come true. Well, "knowing" is nothing but faith in "some energy" out there that will convert that desire into a tangible manifestation. Another is from a place of hollowness, desperation, negativity, and sadness. The difference and distance between these two types of thinking processes is poles apart.

When I booked my very first International Flight Tickets to Thailand (with my mother) two months in advance, first of all, that was a very very natural, newborn, and fresh desire within me. There was nothing but pure excitement, confidence, curiosity in those two months. Even if I may have Thought about it, it was in the former way I explained in the previous paragraph. No obsessive thinking - just a natural knowing that it's going to be fun. That trip was flawless. Only fun and complete positivity. There were no failures or flaws in the entire trip.

On the other hand, one day before meeting Madhuri Dixit, I was constantly thinking about whether I'll get a good, clear picture of the both of us looking into the camera. Well, I got more than what I could have I asked for - a video, many photos, and two autographs, BUT I did not get a proper picture of the both of us looking into the camera. That's how precisely it works.

Whether it is required to constantly think about your desire for it to come true? No, not at all. Neither positively nor negatively. In fact, the more you deliberately think about that desire, you're adding negativity and impurity into your mind. Even one forced Thought about a desire is a negative and impure Thought. That's why it is universally said to not be desperate about wanting something - be it wanting a partner or selling your old house at a good price. Now, even if you end up naturally thinking about that desire, let those Thoughts only enhance and clarify your desire to you. Keep it only at that.

So, who keeps a track of that one invisible Thought? Isn't that a risk? Will that guy who's keeping a track of that desire not forget about it? No. That "guy" is your inner being. It always holds it in a very natural, subconscious level in your own mind. Just recollect all the best things that you've got in your life so far, and also recollect 'how you were' while pursuing those things. You will realize that you were very very natural about them. Wherever (in other areas of life) you "made something forcefully happen", it came to you in one screwed-up form or another.

Therefore, even if you practice Affirmations, if you're doing that from a place of hollowness and sadness or to make something happen, the manifestation of your desire will either get delayed or will get screwed up. Trust me on that one! If you've already developed a negative, obsessive thinking habit about a desire, you have to work on undoing it, and that's where my Workshops and Coaching Programmes come into picture.

Are Intuitions Good or Bad?

Well, intuitions are helpful, aren't they? Just that we often don't act on them, and that's why we have not only suppressed our intuitive powers, but we are also not able to find how helpful and beneficial they are. Intuitions may be about good things or bad things, but they can help us prepare for the upcoming events. Just that we need to train ourselves to listen to our intuitions a bit more often and act precisely upon them.

An intuition is a crystal clear thought, and is different from a general thought. We just need to keep our mind a bit silent and start listening to our instincts. Purity of the mind plays a significant role in developing this power.

You may have experienced that when you don't speak about your intuitive thoughts to the other person, they come true, whereas if you speak about your intuitive thoughts, they hardly come true. That's because by the time you go into the mode of speaking them out, the beliefs of impurity crawl in.

Importance of Purity in Thoughts

Instant and accurate manifestation of thoughts is one of the most important benefits of Purity.

Purity is nothing but Clarity in Thoughts, and that's enough to
live a life full of miracles.

Deep within... we all are pure, however, the presence of fear, insecurity, jealousy, competition, anger, and lust adulterate and impurify ourselves. That is why you may have observed some people who have everything, but are still feeling lonely and empty.

When you slow down in your mind, the thoughts you produce will be precise, and their manifestation will be accurate and instantaneous. That is purity. We don't need to stop having desires, but if we can slow down a bit, and focus on WHY we want all that we desire, we will be slightly better on track. Therefore, Purity is not an obstacle or a stagnation of desires or growth. It is self-empowerment and inner strengthening to remain immovable and stable so that your thoughtful desires are not adulterated or mixed with your thoughts based on fear, insecurity, and competition.

We create one pure thought originally about what we want about a particular topic. We then pollute the thought by JUSTIFYING that desire. We then JUSTIFY it furthermore and further adulterate the thought about that topic. We then get ANGRY that we are not getting it. We go into the modes of RESENTMENT and DESPAIR, and by now, we have impurified the thought about that topic. We either don't get what we want, or we get it in an improper shape. However, nothing to worry about. Just clean up all the ongoing adulteration about that topic from your mind. Visualize yourself cleaning the mouth of a ketchup bottle. Then put a full stop there itself.

You may say it's very natural to repeatedly or continuously think about the things one wants in life. Well, it's not necessary though. Just one pure thought is necessary and sufficient to create what you want exactly as you want it. However, even if you happen to think about that topic, gradually train yourself to think only positive and 'happy' stuff about that topic. If a negative thought (or as we can call it an 'OFF thought') is created, convert it to a positive scenario by self-talk. It is very easy, but it does require some consistent work for a good amount of time.

Remember, if you want something, you WILL get it anyway. (Nothing is pre-written in your horoscope, palms, or face.) If you over-think about it or pollute your thinking about it, it will only be delayed. That is how things slip from one birth to the next! And then we say to our just-met partner, "Janam janam se tere liye ruka tha..." Kisne kaha tha rukne ke liye? Sirf negative thinking chhodna tha...

Why is overall purification required?

Creating a couple of pure thoughts with an overall impure vibration does not yield satisfactory results, because even if I may be creating thousands of positive and pure thoughts today, there is a past to me. That past is within me in the form of my thinking habits and personality traits, and they will continue to adulterate my manifestations. For instance, if I want a lover in my life and I think about this particular topic very sincerely, honestly, and positively on one hand, but on the other hand, if I have this strong personality trait of being a perfectionist to the extent that I get angry at small-small things on others, I am creating a vibration with a positive thought, and then adulterating that vibration whenever I get angry. So, even if I meet my "perfect partner", I will look at his imperfections, and reject him OR live an unhappy life with him (looking at his negative traits), and my search will continue. Thus, my results will either be mixed, or the manifestation will be delayed.

This is why an overall cleanup is highly desired, and there are ways to do that. You don't need to dissect or need to know each and every negative thought within you. You just need to build up the other side of you (i.e. positive and pure) so much that it overpowers your negativity. Make use of your emotions. Whenever you feel bad, it indicates you that you have something that makes you feel bad, and you need to overcome that. Get rid of it as it's a trait you may be carrying for 100s of years now. You never know which one negative trait becomes an obstacle in receiving what you want in life. Just train yourself to overpower any situation positively and happily (the way we have been overpowering people with aggression and anger so far...) and see the change. It may take some time, but once it becomes your habit, it will be natural to you. Results will be instantaneous and magical. This is how miracles occur.

However, don't despair, as Abraham-Hicks says, one pure and positive thought is more powerful than a million other negative thoughts. A strong and honest desire overrides contradicting beliefs too.

Following some Spiritual Rules, Limits, and Decorum can greatly help in purifying and cleaning our thoughts and vibrations.


Difference between Purity and Celibacy

Many people confuse between Purity and Celibacy. They think they're both the same. Let's get clear about this.


Definition: No disturbance of any kind (physical, emotional, sexual, or otherwise)

No dependence on any person or object for one's overall well-being

Caters to the overall well-being of one's life

Requires constant self-work, self-attention to implement purity

Changes one's Thoughts / Personality Traits for the better

A person who works on Purity is 100% on the right Spiritual Track

Purity is not Celibacy

This makes you the Master of the Mind, and ultimately the master of the self and the world

One's life takes a 360o turn on implementing Purity of the mind

Gradually removes all Lusts, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego

Purity is a MUST, no exceptions!


Definition: No indulgence in any kind of sexual or romantic activity

No dependence on any person or object for one's sexual pleasure

Caters to only one aspect of one's life (i.e. sexual)

Very easy to implement. Just a few set of things to take care of

Does NOT change one's Thoughts / Personality Traits

One who follows celibacy is not necessarily pure, and may be on an altogether different track*

Celibacy is just one optional aspect of life

This makes you the Master of the sexual organs (i.e. only that one aspect of your thinking), and that does not ensure that you are a master of the self**

Celibacy is completely optional

Gradually removes only the desire for sexual pleasure. May or may not remove other lusts or vices

It is OK to have sex. It's your choice whether to have it or not.

*There are many celibates I know who gossip with each other, insult others, and misbehave. So, that means they are following only celibacy, but they are not pure. That is how they are on a different track altogether.
**There are many people who get angry on others, and that has got nothing to do with sex e.g. a child getting angry over a toy at his mother. Lust is the hardest to remove (as they say), and it only comes first in the list, but it is nowhere linked to Anger.

It's not just celibacy, but the purity of one's mind and the focus towards what one desires in life that gets the best matching, the unadulterated, and the purest version or form of the manifestation of one's desire(s). Just being externally focused on celibacy and not keeping the mind clean and clear does NOT work.

So, you may say, "How come that XYZ person has got a lovely lover despite having so much of visible impurity within him/her?". The first rule of the game is to not look at others, because they come from a different place, a different background, and different Vibrations. 'Their' roles and lives are incomparable to ours. 'They' probably don't have this knowledge and this unlimited, uninterrupted, and free ability to create anything that they want, the way we do today.

Purity combined with Patience creates wonders

One can get everything, but one cannot get everything at once (and that's not because the Universe is incapable of yielding it to you, it's because of your own mixture of vibrations). So, patience is important. Even if you get all that you once defined as 'everything', there will be ten new things that you will want. Accepting and realizing the self is the key to patience. Knowing that where you are in life at the present moment is accurate, starts getting you what you want. If you have a tummy and want to become a model, you need to accept and acknowledge where you are, and enthusiastically work towards where you need to be. Just sitting with a tummy and meditating to be a model will not work. You need to enjoy the process, because as you begin to enjoy only then ideas and clarity will pop-up into your mind. Then even if your life presents the clarity to you that you are not supposed to be a model, you will be completely fine with it then.

Everyone can get all that they wish, however, until one gets it, there's one thing that one can experience for sure. That's HAPPINESS.

If you conjure the purity of your mind and control over it, your vibrations are undivided and clear, making it much easily possible for you to get what you want. However, if you are in a confused state in life, it's always better to gain clarity before taking steps.

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