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When I shout out from my room, "Mum, I'm hungry...", my mum brings a plate full of my favorite items in it and keeps it in front of me. Who will have to wash the hand and eat it? Well, she can even feed me (which she does sometimes), but who will have to chew it? or swallow it, or digest it? Me.

As mentioned earlier, the law of attraction is not a medium or a person who does something for you and gives it to you. A way of understand this is - when you jump down from the bed, we wouldn't say that the law of gravity pulls you down. In more accurate words, we would say that we gravitate towards the center of the earth due to the law of gravity. That's exactly how the law of attraction works. YOU are a magnet, and based on the Vibrations you emit, you gravitate favorable or unfavorable conditions towards yourself by the virtue of the law of attraction. YOU are, basically, the center of the Universe.

However, once those people and situations come to you, it is YOU who has to take actions towards those opportunities. A job offer may come to you, but if you reject it, it's your action. A potential life-partner may meet you in a coffee shop, but if you're not in a good mood that day, you may not take that conversation in the right direction. That's your action.

Action is an important part of the creation process. However, what kind of action? Just any action that comes to your mind or action that is inspired from deep within? That's the tricky part. Today, we humans have become completely action-oriented. That is, because we consider ourselves this physical body (matter), we falsely believe that we have to "make things happen" by actions. In other words, we have to go hunting for a life-partner on a matrimonial website, we have to apply for at least a thousand jobs before we get one, we have to give roses to the spouse to make him / her happy and improve the relationship. Just search Google for the words "human doing", and you will find innumerable topics that talk about whether we are supposed to be human beings or human doings.

Thoughts are the root of every creation, however, actions are a stronger form of thought. When you think about wanting a dress, it's a pure thought. When you just go out and browse a shopping mall for that dress, that thought is projected into the Universe in a stronger form. The only reason why we fail in achieving all that we desire (despite our actions being in alignment with our thoughts - most of the times) is that our beliefs are not based on the understanding of our own power and ability to create. We lack faith, and that is shown in how strongly we are running around in trying to forcefully make things happen. We would rather shout at the partner for not behaving well, instead of understanding that once we stop getting irritated by his erratic behavior, he will change. This is the perfect example I've mentioned for clarifying the difference between Being and Doing.


A common misunderstanding that some of the spiritually awakening or awakened souls have is that we do not need to perform actions. However, the creation process remains incomplete by 1%. 99% of the work is done by the virtue of your thoughts and the law of attraction responding to your thoughts. However, if I go on a job portal and simply not apply for a job (despite seeing the best of opportunities because of my pure thoughts), nobody is going to knock on my doors bringing a job to me. Well, even this has happened with me. Jobs have walked up to my doorstep without me having applied to any (believe it or not), however, again, in such a scenario, if I don't show my interest or take the next step, I will obviously lose out on the opportunity. In fact, you will even see it passing it away in front of your eyes.

If you desire to have a green-colored t-shirt, you will definitely see one, either online or in a shop, but if you don't go and buy it (for any reason), you did not take the action towards it, and missed out on it.

By thought, the thing that you want is brought to you.
By action, you receive it.
- Wallace D. Wattles

So, what about those lost opportunities so far in life?

Well, there are no lost opportunities. You may have missed the opportunities, but you never lose them. You may have missed out on working in a good company, you may have missed out on having a good time with a guy, you may have missed out on eating at that lovely-looking restaurant, however, it only added clarity to your understanding of life. This clarity is now added into YOU, and now the opportunities you get will be of higher value to you... unless you have gone in another negative mode about having lost them. That's why they say - you cannot open a new chapter in life until you keep reading the old one. Stay positive, and trust in the law of attraction. Trust in your ability to create.

Right Actions

There are no Wrong Actions. All actions you take are the best for you, taking two things into consideration (i) your stage of clarity in life at present, and (ii) your understanding of this knowledge. Your experiences only clarify you and take you a step ahead on this journey. However, if you really want to ensure that your actions will fructify in the manner you desire, it would be good to understand something.

Right Actions (refers to fruitful actions), are those impromptu, natural, effortless, trust-based actions that just happen unknowingly or like an inspiration or intuition from deep within. These are the actions we perform based on the impulses (thoughts) we receive from (as we call) the back of the mind. They are either the inspired thoughts from Source / God / Infinite Intelligence or our own Inner Being, as we may want to call it.

Wrong Actions (although there are none, but for the sake of understanding here), the actions which could be avoided, delayed, or not taken are those that are based on impatience, haste, lackfulness, neediness, hollowness, and desperation. Such actions are often done to make something happen forcefully, which clearly shows lack of faith and trust in the Universal creator energies. Such actions always give you undesired results or manifestations in distorted forms.

Important decisions in life

Well, every single action in life (whether inspired or taken just by default) is important, and it shapes your life in the way in which you take the action. However, there are some highly important actions, when you have to deliberately choose amongst the available options. Those are important decisions in life.

Often, we come to crossroads while making important decisions, and are unable to decide what to do, especially when multiple options seem to be equally beneficial. Here's the trick. If possible, delay the decision-action. However, do it in a realistic manner. Don't let delay become a deliberate useless action. Delay it so that you get to evaluate if you're acting based on inner inspiration, based on the correct beliefs about life or whether it is just like any other action.

If it still doesn't work, what I do in such cases is to simply finalize one decision and live life based on it, and then correct it later as desired. This has always worked for me - even before I had all of this spiritual knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, no actions / decisions are wrong. They are only steps taken towards further clarification, and checking whether you're getting what you desire or if there is scope for any slight modification in yourself.


Your alertness and ability to recognize an opportunity as the perfect opportunity to achieve your dreams and desires is what Timing is all about. That's how manifestations occur.

If you lose (rather, miss) an opportunity that the Universe presents to you, the Universe does not hold grudges against you. It presents other ways to you to manifest opportunities for your desire. However, if you lose hope and start feeling guilty, there you stopped pursuing your desire and started walking in another direction.

Nothing is prewritten. Some people believe that life is prewritten, and that everything that is happening in this world is prewritten. It is NOT. You are writing it. Right now, you have the choice whether to continue reading or close this page. You have the choice whether you make a nasty comment on someone or ignore them. Therefore, your manifestations are not prewritten. You create them through your Thoughts, Power, and Focus. You choose whether to remain Single after a break-up and surrender to celibacy or to find the right partner. NOTHING IS PREWRITTEN.

How early a manifestation occurs in your life wholly and solely depends on your Clarity of your Desires, your Positive Orientation towards them, and your Smartness and Ability to grab opportunities. That's all that it is about. This is where the 10th Module in my 30 Days Life Improvement Workshop (through behavior change) helps you in conjuring the right attitude for helping you manifest your desires easily.

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