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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Fit & Healthy.

An excerpt from this article was sent as a WhatsApp message from me.

STAYING FIT is 80% about eating right, and only 20% about exercising. Humans are exercising more than ever today, but they're not seeing results. Can you guess why?

It all begins in the MIND, not in the Gym. Since, I'm a "Mind's Doctor" for the last 9 years now, I find myself eligible to share this message.

1. Do you have enough Vitamin foods?
Enough Vitamin D is a must for balancing / reducing / maintaining your weight.

2. Have you stopped drinking aerated drinks yet?
Weight can never be lost or maintained if you are habituated to carbonated drinks / sodas, even once in a while.

3. Do you eat fresh fruits and vegetables?
Food diet-rich in vegetables, healthy fats, and enough water is hugely beneficial.

4. Do you exercise daily?
A minimum 30 minutes of daily exercise helps in dropping those KGs. This can be brisk walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, or anything else that you prefer.

5. Emotional reasons also hugely contribute.
Wrong Thoughts lead to Wrong Eating Habits (or other addictions, such as smoking / drinking), which lead to Diseases in the body.

6. Eat a balanced amount of sugar and salt.
Those who crave for more salt or sugar are deficient of the necessary minerals, but they misbelieve that it is their body's craving or desire, thus causing even more imbalance.

7. Eating Timings and Daily Schedule.
It is healthy to always have breakfast before 9 or 10 am, always dine before 8 pm, and never keep your stomach fully empty or overly filled.

8. Do you really have the willingness to do all the above?
It's not just about reading this article and appreciating me. It's about YOU WANTING to practise this.

Nobody knows the future. Nobody knows how he / she is going to die, but everyone has the CHOICE to BE HEALTHY TODAY.

Family Diets

Some families (as a whole) eat unhealthy food, and have wrong eating habits that naturally (and obviously) pass on from generations to generations.

However, I am fortunate that the food that we eat is a simple daily meal cooked by ourselves. I personally always take care of the amount of sugar, salt and oil I consume. Of course there are times when you "crave for more", but in general, I am always consciously aware about it.

This does NOT mean that I don't eat outside food. I love eating Pizzas, Burgers, Sizzlers, and some other food, just to kick my taste buds once in a while.

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