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Everyone today is talking about Heaven on Earth. Almost every prophet, sage, saint, and great person in the past mentioned that Heaven WAS and WILL BE on this earth itself.

Let's try to dig deeper.

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What and Where is Heaven?
Does Heaven exist already?
What's your role in this?
Tipping Point
Misconceptions about Heaven
Physical Manifestations during Heaven


What and where is Heaven?

We often point our fingers upwards when talking about Heaven, however, let's understand what Heaven really is.

Heaven is the perfect life that we all are seeking. Harmonious Relationships, a Perfect Life Partner, Healthy Body, Abundance of Golden Wealth, Good Climate, Freedom, No Laws, No Government, Honesty - that's what majority of us are looking for, and if it's in the Mind, its physical manifestation is possible.

No human being was born to live a life of poverty, solitude, and renunciation, however, as we started experiencing unpleasant pain-giving situations in life, we started compromising with our own ability to create what we truly desired. We thought just renouncing or giving it all up is the way to a happier life (which it never was).

At the same time, unfortunately, there was no one to teach us that just by a shift in our own Thoughts, thinking patterns, consciousness, and thus, perspectives, we can get all that we Desire by the virtue of the Law of Attraction. Let me put it more correctly: We were not listening to that Source of knowledge until now.

So, Heaven or a Heavenly Life is not just an illusion. It's not just something that's "in your mind" as many people believe. Well, it starts from your Mind i.e. when you think positively, you move a step closer to that perfect life, and when you think negatively, you move a step away from it.

What's inside, must manifest outside. As you become a more positive thinker, you are surrounded with more positive elements. These are the physical manifestations. You create them. You access them. It is not possible that the goodness and positivity only remains in your Mind. Eventually, it has to manifest, and it does, at every single step in your life. You and I have already been experiencing this.


Does Heaven exist already?

There are glimpses (evidence, proofs) of Heaven already in the world today. There are already Heavenly places on earth. There are harmonious relationships, perfect couples, healthy and rich individuals moving around this planet, and that's because they are powerfully focused on those things. More positively and less (hardly) negatively. They are living Heavenly lives already. However, it does not remain the same forever.

Such people are small in number, and because they are not self-aware as much as you and I are, they will just live beautiful heavenly lives and go away OR start experiencing problems within the same lifetime, unless and until they start focusing on self-work.

So, Yes & No. Heavenly lives do exist at individual / group levels. However, there is no worldwide establishment of the same, and I also think that that's irrelevant. As long as you're focused on the positives, you're good.

Why 'they' and not 'us'? Why aren't we experiencing heavenliness?
Majority of the world's population ('us') today is focused upon the negative. When we want a better job, we're more demotivated than motivated. When we want to be in a relationship with someone, we're more focused on how the bad aspects life than enthusiastic about finding someone. When we want a disease-free world, we're more focused on the bad effects of diseases to human bodies... and wherever our focus is, the law of attraction brings more of that to us, individually and (by the Domino effect,) globally. You may have already read this on the Law of Attraction page.


What's your role in bringing Heaven on Earth?

Have you read the article "Changing the world using the Law of Attraction"? If not, I recommend you to read that article before you continue to read this page.

You cannot change the world by being the same person. One simple reason behind this statement is that if the world changes and you have not changed, you are not ready to consume the change in the world, and you get discarded from the world. 'Discarded' does not mean killed or sent away. It means that the Law of Attraction cannot bring to you those new / different kinds of experiences, because you don't resonate with them. You cannot access them. What you cannot resonate with, you cannot gravitate towards you. Read the tuning forks example on my "How exactly the law of attraction works" article to understand what I mean by 'resonate' and 'gravitate'.

If you've read the article "What is your role?", you will have understood that your mission is not to change the world. Your mission is not to transform people. Your mission is to live your own life happily. At the most, what you may want to add to the mission is making yourself aware of the laws of the Universe, and living your life in alignment with the laws, so that your life runs more smoothly than otherwise. However, that's also not compulsory.

You don't need to be into Spirituality.
You just need to be happy!

If you've studied about the Law of Attraction from this website, and practiced some Thought Patterns and Mind Exercises regularly, you will have realized that there are, essentially, two ways of bringing what you want in your life. One is to completely forget about it and keep positively focused on something else that you like. Second is to pursue it with a clearly focused, positive, and happy mind.

So, to bring that perfect heavenly life, people are practicing either of these two ways:
(i) Quit everything, leave your family, forget your loved ones, renounce your relationships, and surrender to & focus on anything that does not remind you of your normal life, and wait for the Heaven to be physically manifested into the world
OR (ii) Don't wait for Heaven to be physically manifested in this world, but make your present life heavenly.

I would personally go for the second option, because I don't believe in the first option. Basically, first option is not understood correctly by majority of the people who follow it. You are supposed to renounce only your negativity, not your physical world. The second option works for me, and I am seeing a life-experience that I'd never even dreamed of.

You tell me - suppose you trust me the most in this world, and I tell you that the world is going to end on Saturday, and until then, give me one Indian rupee, and in exchange, you can stay in this mansion for free (sponsored by me), will you focus more on the end of the world on Saturday and say, No, Sagar, the world is ending on Saturday. Let me leave my family, let me quit my life, and let me prepare myself for the future or would you like to stay in this mansion (in the adjacent picture) for the last few days and enjoy the experience with your loved ones? Do you believe that an unhappy journey can never have a happy ending? Do you believe that you can create your life the way you desire? Heaven is about what you do now, now, now. 99% of the people who have picked up the first option (i) are not living the lives they came into this world to live. Most of them - by the virtue of their negative behavior and focus on life - are actually not going to live heavenly lives ever (neither now nor in the future). If that gives them joy, good for them. How about you? You got to make your own choice.

You live a Conditional Life when you're waiting for the world to change before you feel happy. You live an unconditional life when you feel happy no matter what's around, and when you do so (by focusing on making yourself a better, spiritually elevated person), your life automatically turns around. You may have read in most of the previous sections that you are eternal Energy. If you've carried something from your past birth experiences, which is manifesting into your present physical birth, it is obvious that what you create now in your Thought Patterns will not just manifest beautifully in your present birth, but will manifest into your future births as well. The more you do that now, the more beautiful your future births will be - needless to mention, the present birth too.


Tipping Point

As more and more people are coming across these pieces of knowledge, they're realizing that they have the potential and power to Create the lives they Desire, through the power of Focus.

This number of people is gradually growing in the world, and whoever desires a heavenly life (i.e. Harmonious Relationships, a Perfect Life Partner, Healthy Body, Abundance of Golden Wealth, Good Climate, Freedom, No Laws, No Government, Honesty, etc.) is adopting one of the two methods mentioned above.

None of those methods is wrong, however, it is crucial to not just blindly consume words written on a piece of paper assuming they are orders from God. God does NOT want you to quit anything. God does NOT impose celibacy upon you. God NEVER asks you to leave your loved ones and forget your bodily relations and connect with Him. If He wanted that, He wouldn't let you pursue those things in the first place. Sometimes human assumptions and perceptions are mixed to adulterate the real essence of what that Godly stream is trying to communicate to us. That is what I've seen Brahma Kumaris do.

This is what God really says - You are Energy and you can create your life the way you want to. The only little issue, according to me, is using the freedom to hurt someone else (physically / emotionally) and get joy out of it. That's the only thing you're better not doing. Otherwise, everything else is perfectly fine. You are FREE to make your choices in life and do whatever you Desire. God does not even need to reiterate that to us. We all know this deep within that Freedom, Joy, and Growth is what we want to experience in life. You don't need to blindly follow what is written either on that piece of paper or this website. Connect with that source of knowledge and get your own answer, and pursue it.

However, spiritual awakening is not like a computer or mobile setting that once you do it, it's permanent. You have to keep that alignment, you have to stay in that elevated state for a consistent period of time with faith and belief. You have to maintain that inner connection and peace, and that's when the effects of that consciousness are seen more vividly (non-physically in emotions and physically in manifestations). The first manifestation is a lighter, clearer, happier, more peaceful mind. The further manifestations are seen physically in one's life - better health, abundance, joy, harmony in relationships, coming across more positive people than negative, being able to do more using less energy, and so on and so forth. Watch this: How to Manifest Anything

Since one positive Thought is more powerful than hundreds of negative Thoughts (as I have proven it in the article 'Your Thoughts and Feelings'), one person who is spiritually awakened is more powerful than hundreds of others who are not. Due to this fact, there will definitely be a point in this world when the goodness / heavenly-ness in the Energy (and of course lifestyle) of spiritually awakened people dominates / supercedes / overtakes / takes-over the negative Energy of the rest of the people in this world. That is when, as the inevitable physical manifestations of the positive Energy begin to occur, there will be no room for the existing negative manifestations to prevail, and definitely no scope for any new negative manifestations to occur. That is when the Universe will physically clean up all that's not required and only keep all that is required. This will be the phase of a physical wipe-out of all that is unwanted. We can guess how the environmental imbalance, international rivalry, and intranational wars will contribute in this.

You may be aware that the world is going through what is called as the 6th Mass Extinction Event and the signs of how humans have treated this planet are all over the place.

If you are positive, your "death" is positive! At the same time, remember that death is inevitable. You HAVE TO die (i.e. leave this body), but HOW you die, depends on how clean you keep your accounts. You know what I mean? You may not necessarily die as part of a major event, but may be just on your own, quietly in your own house. I can't believe I'm writing this. ("You" doesn't mean you, specifically. It refers to "a reader", and anyone of us.)

However, if you've read the law of attraction meticulously, and studied around it well, you will understand that you need to unequivocally and clear-mindedly focus ONLY on what you desire, and not even once think or look at or talk about or hear about or write about what you don't want.


Misconceptions about Heaven

(i) The very first misconception is that heaven is up there somewhere in the sky. It is not. It was a time period on planet earth, and because most of us are wanting it today, we will attract it back into our experiences. We are already doing that, and are already living close to that heavenly life. Just let us not wait for the entire world to change before we experience heavenly-ness in our personal lives. The Thought Patters we establish today will be carried forward to our future as well.

(ii) Heaven is not a city, and you're not sitting in a train. So, "Heaven will come" is a wrong statement. If you cannot experience heaven now, it is futile for you to wait for any heaven, because an unhappy journey cannot lead to a happy ending. If you're not happy NOW, you will first of all, not be part of Paradise, and if you're not happy NOW, you are not attracting Paradise towards yourself, anyway. Many people are negatively focused on "bringing heaven into this world". Heaven will be established, but they may not necessarily be part of it. Even if they are, they won't live very enriched lives then.

(iii) Everybody who wants heaven will be part of that new age. Not just people surrendered to or following a particular spiritual organization (organizations like Brahma Kumaris have falsely claimed). In fact, most people who are surrendered to organizations with a negative focus will not experience that level of heavenly-ness as some others who are more positively focused on this. Some people argue that one needs to recognize God in their format to be part of Heaven. That's because they've not understood who God really is in the truest sense. The article "Who is God?" explains this in details.

(iv) The belief that you need to renounce everything in your life, forget all your bodily relationships and surrender to God in order to be part of heaven (failing which you will become a servant / daas / daasi of one of the BKs-turned-Deity in Paradise), is not only flawed, but also it is a false misunderstanding created by organizations like Brahma Kumaris. What they print in their 'Gen Z' Murlis may have changed, but that is the malevolent premise on which they've always been operating. Read more here:


Physical Manifestations during Heaven

Pure food, pure water, healthy climate and environment, disease-free body, non-violence, abundant wealth, and no trace of negativity are the few important physical manifestations that we all want in life, and that's exactly what we will end up attracting towards us as times move ahead.

No government, no laws. Although they come with good intentions today, 90% of the people in this world today are against them or are unhappy with them, because people think they're not serving them well. It's again an intertwined and cyclic blame game going on. The basic reason why laws and governments were made by us was to try to bring people under control. Trying to bring others under control is never possible, and that's what has caused this major dissatisfaction in humans today. However, in a world where there is abundance of health, wealth, and happiness, nobody would bother anybody else with anything. Each human will live his / her own life graciously and gracefully, and in fact, share more than the other person asks for.

Lust is not just that of sex. 'Lust' is a very general word for craving towards things. For some, it could be craving for traveling (wanderlust), constant craving for tasty food, greed for money, or lust for sex (sex-lust). This craving exists because of lack of a quality life and one is ready to hurt others to get it. Traveling is not wrong. Eating tasty food is not wrong. Wanting to become rich is not wrong. Looking for marrying a partner is not wrong. Having sex is not wrong. However, craving for these things is not required. In fact, we have now realized that we do not need to crave for anything. We can be, do, or have anything we desire, with clear-minded focus. We have already started experiencing this, haven't we? This experience will only grow and improve as time moves ahead.

We called it Hell when we were facing pain in life. As we started gaining more clarity about who we truly are, things started to turn around in life, and that's when the Iron Age began to transform into Golden Age. We have now started using Love to influence others, instead of using Anger to control others. We have now started Accepting the variety around us, instead of criticizing those who are not like us. We have now started being more thankful towards what we have, instead of being unhappy about all that's missing. We have now started understanding that the expansion and evolution is never-ending, and that our desires can never be stopped, because that's the nature of every human being. The only difference is that in the chronology in happiness and desires. Earlier, we said we'd be happy only after the fulfillment of our desires, and that never worked. We now understand that there is no end and that we create newer desires every single day, so why not be unconditionally happy first, and that started bringing what we wanted much easily.

The gradual shift in consciousness has already begun, and we are actually seeing the quality of our individual lives improving. Isn't that motivating?

We know that Paradise existed in this world. We also know that Paradise will come back into this world. Paradise was described in detail earlier on this page, but I realized how useless it is to write about the past and future. That's not what Spirituality teaches us. We cannot bring Paradise into this world by focusing on Paradise (i.e. the future). Unless and until we make peace with where we are right now, we cannot change our present, and obviously, we cannot change our future as well. We must understand that even though it would momentarily feel nice to read, discuss, or visualize about the description of Paradise, it won't ever work, because that's not how this Universe works. We must LIVE the Paradise RIGHT NOW. We must live that negativity-free lifestyle right now. We must know that life is accurate, abundant, and beautiful right now, and that's when things will begin to turn around for us.

Paradise is not a city that will be established, and then selected souls will go into it. It's not even that you need to lifestyle of people living in that city, so that you can adopt that lifestyle now. What makes YOU happy is your lifestyle. Those who are living a Happy and Positive Lifestyle right now have already begun to see their lives transforming completely. People, circumstances, experiences in their lives are extraordinary. They come across only positive things. Negative things zig-zag with them. Of course, there will be a point later in time when the negativity in this world will fade away as we focus only on the positives of life.

Paradise is real and it is something not in the sky. It was and it will be right on this earth itself. However, I find it a complete waste of time and Energy focusing on anything other than how to be NOW. We did not come into this world or into the understanding of all of this knowledge to manifest something for the future. If you consider Paradise a future manifestation, that's how it will be for you. However, if you've really read between the lines on this page, the purpose of life is to live a Heavenly life today! No matter how much someone describes that Heavenly lifestyle to you now, remember, an unhappy journey can never lead to a happy ending.

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