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Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions around this Awakening section:

Is life / future pre-destined / pre-allocated / pre-defined or fixed? Are thoughts automatic / pre-programmed?
Unfortunately, this part is highly common and misunderstood by many. Nothing is fixed. The balance of positive and negative energy is always maintained based on what's going on within the collective energy of all human beings in this world. However, the positive energy always dominates the negative energy. That's why bad incidents are one-off occurrences. What is fixed is at a global level, not really at an individual level.

As far as you (as an individual) are concerned, nothing is fixed or pre-destined or pre-defined or pre-allocated for you. Your life is totally, wholly, and solely in your hands (I mean, Thoughts). Your Thoughts are FREE. You are completely free to choose your thoughts. These Thoughts contribute to your overall energy, and what you get back as a result of the law of attraction is exactly that. You have started experiencing this now, haven't you? Isn't that obvious to you each and every moment? Your life is completely governed, channeled, created, and taken ahead by YOU, not by any external entity. Thoughts / Vibrations / Energy can be changed every single moment, and that is how one's Destiny can be changed on a moment-to-moment basis. This is how Past Karmas can be nullified within a single day. The Law of Karma page explains this in details.

For example, if you sit in a chair desperately in need of a job, and a job comes to your Inbox, but you don't feel motivated enough to apply for that job, YOU just lost the opportunity. It was not fixed or written anywhere for you to be demotivated. You were demotivated because of your 'incorrect' thoughts. The Universe presented to you the opportunity you ended up missing because of your thoughts. You are 100% responsible for what happens in your life. Now, if you gear up and re-look for jobs, by the virtue of your thoughts and the law of attraction, you may get one. If you remain demotivated, you will not get any job. If you sit down saying, "If it's in the Drama, I will get it", you may not necessarily get it, if you are not creating sufficiently pure thoughts for the manifestation of something in your life. It's not "in the drama". It is "in your thoughts". So, when we say, "God will do it for me" OR "If it's in the Drama, it will happen", that's a way of Letting Go! That shouldn't be used to develop a laidback attitude. It is a way of letting go of the worry or negativity associated with that thought, and that is when it just manifests. Do you get the point?

Nothing is fixed. You create your life dynamically as you move ahead. It is initially like a blank slate. The carpet gets unrolled and laid as you walk ahead in your life. The carpet is not already laid.

If you try for something, one way to stop being impatient and desperate about it is to say, "I have tried enough, I am sure I have created sufficient amount of right and pure thoughts towards what I want (based on the knowledge I have as of today). Now, I am hopeful about it. I let God / Universe / World Drama / Jesus / Lord / <> take care of it." And if you don't get it within a couple of months, it is because your thoughts need correction. It is not because it is "not there" in the Destiny. Nothing is "already there" or "not at all there" in the Destiny. YOU create it.

Once a scene in your life gets over, may be that is when you can say, "that's what was supposed to happen in my Destiny, because probably those were the kinds of Thoughts I was emitting out into the Universe over a period of time", and you say that only to soothe yourself. One is powerless and lazy when he says beforehand, "If it's there, it will happen". You are you. Your patterns of thinking are yours. It is YOU who is eternal. This whole fact is only for understanding and soothing yourself. It is good not to understand those facts to develop a laid-back or fearful attitude.

What is fixed is the patterns of Thoughts and Habits that we have created over a period of time, and that is what is being brought back to us by the virtue of the law of attraction. What's fixed within you is bringing back fixed destiny to you by the virtue of the law of attraction. It is not fixed in the sense that it is unchangeable. It is fixed means that we've strongly fixed out nature / personality to be that. It can be changed right now if one wishes to.

"Life is accurate" is a more accurate statement than "Life is fixed"
The understanding & statement that it is fixed stems from the fact that Life is accurate

If you are not convinced that you are the creator of your life, it is because you have not yet understood the law of attraction well. This indicates that you are still not as empowered as the ones who are able to see a difference in their lives by their thoughts. Don't lose hope. Keep gaining and churning the knowledge. Keep changing wherever necessary. One fine day, all that is written above will be obvious to you.

It is said in a few literatures that the phases go back in reverse order i.e. after Kalyug, Dwaparyug will come, then Tretayug, and then Satyug, because such a sudden transformation from Kalyug to Satyug is impossible. Is it true?
Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, Kalyug are just names to the level / type / purity / state of energy that WE all carry around in this world. We have given those names. They're not like Seasons that occur from outside.

The belief you mentioned is true in a way that the purity of the soul goes back from very impure (illusional) to purer and purer over a period of time, and since only a few people ascend or raise their levels, therefore although the name of the age remains Kalyug, secretly (in a way) there are people who are internally ascending in their stage / level. This happens by gaining this knowledge, imbibing it into life and maintaining ourselves internally. Since our virtues are strengthening now, we are gaining that level of purity as we had in Dwaparyug, then we will become more purified and be of the stage we were during Tretayug, and then Satyug. The phases/yug/ages actually do not reoccur in the world in the reverse order, but the reversal is within the soul as it transforms to reach that stage.

You know the rest. There will be a point when positivity in the world will overpower the negativity in the world, as mentioned in the article Bringing Heaven on Earth.

Some spiritual organizations state that the World's Time Cycle is only 5,000 years old. Scientists say that humanity existed millions of years ago? What about dinosaurs? What about the theories of human evolution? Do stars, planets, moon, comets, etc. follow the 5,000 years Cycle?
Though it's not as important a question (according to me - definitely not more important than beginning to create your life the way you want), here is the much wanted answer: This Universe and all its elements (including the ones mentioned above, viz., earth and all other planets) always exist. They never get destroyed. Yes, Earth must have been formed millions and millions and millions of years ago, but as this World runs eternally (hope you understand the difference in the way the words Earth and World are used), 'how many millions' is not something that is known. Not even the scientists know that. They only predict and extrapolate it based on their present knowledge, understanding, and observations. These studies keep evolving. Remember the times when we all believed that the earth was flat? The structures, the formations may change in the universe over one Cycle, but all of that exists exactly as always.

Carbon Dating is a technique that uses the decay of carbon-14 to estimate the age of organic materials. This is based on certain differential equation formulas. Those formulas are derived out of existing elements and data (e.g. soil, which is processed in laboratories). The readings are calibrated and extrapolated too, and that is why they say Humans or Dinosaurs were present millions of years ago. This is because the earth was always there (the sand that is presently used for Carbon Dating was there even billions of years ago), and that is why they get those results. The bones of extinct animals are residual. So, when the inputs to Carbon Dating formulas are in millions, their outputs i.e. age will also show the numbers in millions. It's now quite logical and obvious.

Same logic applies to Homo habilis (one of the oldest known species of the genus homo). The bones are remnants found now are from Dwaparyug. However, the related parameters used in carbon dating formulas are in existence for millions of years, hence those results are also in millions.

If dinosaurs were to exist on a parallel universe, the residues would not be found here i.e. on the same place where Paradise is going to be established. It's all one. It's all here. The world is eternal, but there was definitely one point when it first started, and that was very very very very long back.

Scientists say that the footprints of Neil Armstrong are still present on the moon, because there is no air to erase the footprints. How does this happen every 5,000 years? How are they erased?
In my personal opinion, I would want the scientists to prove to me (not just suspect, assume, speculate, believe, or call it a possibility, but prove) that the footprints are still there, by actually taking me there. Only then I would believe that. We need to look at it from an unlimited broader perspective. If I am sitting here in my house and an accident occurs remotely and I don't even know about it, that accident did NOT occur! This is how this Universe works at an individual level. This is really deep. If someone comes and tells me about it, what I do with it, and how much I want to believe in it is my choice.

Where you take your individual life is totally in your Thoughts.

I do respect the discoveries and the discoverers in science tremendously, but there are a lot of assumptions in science, and words are used very smartly while making statements (often those not very good in English can be easily fooled and confused); not everything is yet proven.

Are there wandering souls in this world without bodies? What about people who say about see white-colored ghosts / humans, etc?
There are no wandering souls. We were only wandering souls because of the lack of all of this knowledge, and then one fine day we stopped wandering. What people see is similar to sakshaatkaars i.e. visions. It is basically connecting with your non-physical dimension. It's similar to seeing deities in sakshaatkaars (which existed in the past, and will exist in the future, but do not exist in reality right now). What you think about sub-consciously, you see in dreams or visions.

What is the benefit of sleep-time Dreams and how exactly are they created?
Dreams occur due to all the thoughts you've created in your mind so far. Sometimes, they could be about something that occurred in the past, whereas sometimes it is about a thought you've projected in the future (that of a desire). It is easier to dream certain things than to face them in real. Therefore, although you can use dreams as your guidance, you do not need to give too much importance to them. When the conscious mind is asleep, the sub-conscious part of the mind is more effective, and that's where the dreams i.e. thoughts and pictures come from.

Sagar, don't you have problems in your personal life?
What you call Problems have been the Highs and Highlights of my life so far. They have taken me to the places I would've otherwise never been to. By places, I refer to my Thoughts and Emotions.

I cannot be more grateful to those people and situations that have caused me to KNOW MYSELF so deeply.

Just your Age or Number of Problems or Business Failures or Financial Crisis or Break-ups DOES NOT bring you experience. It is how deeply you explore yourself and your emotions that brings you Experience.

Today, at 36, I have reached that stage in my life where I am so strongly connected with the Universe that I FIRST see Solutions... and then Opportunities to implement them seamlessly follow. Solutions come before (what you incorrectly call) Problems.

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