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If you would like to stay Motivated, Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, and Loved in your life - what are you doing in that direction? The least you can do is keep connected with the knowledge that will help you achieve all of that.

There are many "successful" people who are not willing to share that knowledge with everyone, because they want to be in the lead - or shall I say - it's just their illusion that they will be in the lead by not sharing it. Duh! However, oftentimes they themselves are not aware of the knowledge, and are running the risk of going down into a hole that is totally undesired (and unexpected) by them.

I had NO CLUE of what I would do after voluntarily quitting my IT Software (QA) Job. Of course, I quit it with a set of mixed feelings, and some positive memories and (many) negative, however, I always wanted to do what pleased me - whether it was (and is) at home, work, or life as a whole - and I made sure I did. I wanted to continue my Life Coaching, and, in fact, give it more time and energy, and I did that after giving myself a break from the full-time job. Well, of course, if there's a suitable opportunity, I will definitely jump into it, and you'll understand the reason why I contradict myself in the next paragraph.

The message here is not to quit / divorce your job(s) and start something of your own. It's not compulsory The title of this article is not 'Get Out of your 9-5 job(s)'. The message is not to not be in a 9-5 routine (especially if it's your bread n' butter), but this is more of a mental thing, isn't it?

Everything is about the mind. The message here is to mentally un-trap yourself from the monotonous ways of living life. Do something different and differently... wherever you are. Create something afresh, whether it is small or big, whether it is at home or at work, whether it is while cooking or talking to your kids. I have always demonstrated it, and my track record itself is the proof of that. And I don't mind if I sound arrogant...

The quest for achieving positions / money / status takes one nowhere, because that is not the quest that one is on in life anyway. You might as well achieve 1 Cr in your bank at 50, but what if you don't have the health and mental state to enjoy it? What if you don't have the sanity to use it well? It's a sheer wastage of your journey... a journey towards nothing.

One who does not have the intelligence to use one's resources well...
doesn't ever have those resources. That was deep!

One of the ways to gain more perspective and knowledge is my website and my Facebook Page Although there are many other similar websites giving out the same "boring" knowledge, you don't consult all the doctors in the world to cure your fever, do you? I can assure you that what you will learn on my website / Facebook Page is the deepest and the most profound knowledge available on the planet! Don't expect those beautiful bookish / technical / nice-sounding words that sound good in offices! Expect real, direct, honest, hard-hitting, life-changing content here.

Don't MARRY your workplace! Because, your workplace is not necessarily going to be loyal to you! Be dedicated. Be 100% there. Be honest. Be disciplined, but never "marry" your workplace! You know what I mean?