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10 Days Activity with Sagar.

Lots of new stuff on YouTube / website. Keep checking.

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♦ 10 Days of Fun, Spiritual (simple, yet Powerful) Mind Exercises
♦ No Exercise is Mandatory / Compulsory! You can do the ones that you like.
♦ This Activity is for beginners as well as those who are already on this path.

♦ WhatsApp Group-based
♦ Exercises are sent daily in the morning on the Group. You need to perform the Exercise and get back with results by 9 pm (IST).
♦ Some Exercises will be Concluded by me on the same day via Audio / Text message(s).
(The Group will be created a day or two before the Activity begins.)

♦ Access to WhatsApp, my Website, and YouTube.
♦ Ability to send and receive Audio & Text messages to the Group for some Exercises.
♦ A neat and clean journal.
♦ OPTIONAL: Colors, Pens, Creative material, etc.

♦ Improve your Energy for better manifestations

♦ Monday, 13th January, 2020 onwards

♦ INR 550/- per participant
♦ Check with Sagar for the Payment Modes.
DO NOT send the Contribution until you get the exact payment modes from Sagar over WhatsApp!

See you next time!


By participating, you confirm that you agree to and understand this entire Programme, its Rules, Benefits, and my Disclaimer, and that your queries, if any, are already resolved.

Sagar is enjoying his journey, and he wants you to enjoy yours as well. 90% of his work is available FREE of Cost for you, because his motive behind this work is to share his happiness and love with those looking for it.
Your contribution towards his work helps him in using the energy and resources in order to continue this work.